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New Year, New games

After using all of my wonderful games and materials all last semester, they aren’t looking so wonderful anymore. I know that if I feel this way about them, the kids must be too, so it’s time to find some new things.

One of my favorite new finds is a game called POP!

The one pictured above is for sight words, but it is also available in a letter recognition/beginning sounds version. Each child draws a “kernel” when the choose their kernel they have to say what letter is on it – for more advanced children they have to give the sound that the letter makes. If they are correct then they get to keep their popcorn kernel, if they are wrong it goes back in the bucket. There are also a number of kernels that just say POP!, if a child draws one of these then all of their kernels go back in the bucket.

I’ve found the game on Amazon.com for $8.00, but rather than buying it I just made my own version – this way I could do a set of uppercase letters and a set of lowercase letters!

Please share some of your favorite new finds with me!

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