• Amazon back to school

    Back to school on Amazon

    My all-time-favorite thing about prepping for back to school is shopping for supplies! While no one loves spending that money, having new materials to start fresh with is the absolute best. Here are my Amazon back to school must-haves if you’re looking to add to your own cart (all links are affiliates, I receive a portion of sales from these): I cannot get enough of these zip pouches! I use them for everything from travel to organizing paperwork. In the classroom there are so many potential uses – giving each child one to use as a mailboxes, organizing extra clothes, separating seasonal sensory materials, sending home activities or paperwork that…

  • Preschool back to school activity

    A freebie for you!

    I’ve added a new freebie for you! This backpack name activity is from the Month of Preschool set for August. It’s such a cute, easy way to celebrate being back in the classroom, while also practicing an essential preschool skill – name recognition and writing. Doing this project can also be an excellent opportunity for assessment. You’ll get to observe how children hold crayons or markers, their writing skills, what letters they recognize, how well they already know their name, and if they can use scissors. It might take some time and patience, especially if you’re working with a group that is brand new to preschool. The information that you’re…

  • back to school prep

    It’s that time…

    Summer is as much a mindset as it is an actual period of time. It’s always about this time of year that the mindset starts to shift away from carefree sunny days and towards preparing for the next school year. While I may not always be excited to see summer go, Making the most of this opportunity to set myself up for success in the coming year is also something that I enjoy (that’s how you know you’re a teacher). If you’re considering making some changes, updating your classroom procedures, or introducing new methods, then here are some of my past posts that might offer some inspiration. Happy back to…

  • Preschool art

    Genius Painting Solution!

    I shared this incredible find on my instagram yesterday – but had to put it here too! I spotted this paint tray at the Dollar Tree and quickly scooped a couple up for myself. This would be the BEST art solution for the classroom. A place for individual paint (or glue, or small collage materials, or beads, or…) an easy to clean surface, and it closes so that children can come back to a project later. It’s like a preschool art miracle! These are available in stores, but you can also order in bulk on the Dollar Tree website – a case of 24 at a time (it’s like they…

  • food truck clipart

    August Clipart Set!

    I feel like I say this every month, but gosh I just love this latest clipart set. Seriously, how cute are these food trucks?! August is all about fairs and festivals in my world, so food truck clipart made perfect sense – but of course these can be used anytime throughout the year. You can get yours here!

  • rainy day ideas

    Can’t go outside? No problem!

    We’ve been dealing with a lot of haze from Canadian wildfires this summer, which has meant spending more time inside than we might like. I thought it might be helpful to share a trick that has worked so well for me on those days that you just can’t go outside. This is a post that was originally written in 2015, and it was intended for rainy day ideas – but it could definitely work for any long stretch of days where you’re stuck inside! You can read the original post here. One of the best things that I’ve done for my classroom is to put together a rainy day box.…

  • camping snacks

    Camping Recipes for the Classroom

    It can be intimidating to think about camping-themed snacks for the classroom, because so many of those traditional favorites require a campfire. Some programs might embrace that, but my experience has always been that this wouldn’t even be a possibility due to licensing regulations (nor would I want to be the one supervising so many children in a potentially unsafe situation). So here are a ton of really great camping snack ideas that offer many of the same flavors, without the fire aspect!

  • simple bug catcher

    Easy Camping DIY

    We enjoyed a nice long camping trip last weekend and I’m still working through all of the laundry! I had to share this little DIY before I forget – Simple bug catchers. These are such an easy way to keep kids busy and encourage exploration. Before we left I was looking for a quick project that my girl and I could put together for all of the kids that were camping with us. I wanted something that we already had all of the supplies for, would actually capture interest, and wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Catching lightning bugs is always a favorite camping activity, so this was a…

  • The Simple Life

    I had to share this because I KNOW I’m not the only one feeling this way. I made this wallpaper for my computer using my Patriotic Bicycle Parade clipart. When I opened my laptop this morning I had to laugh at the sentiment – life feels anything but simple at the moment! It’s more like a whirlwind of holidays, trips, activities, and managing everyone’s schedules. If that describes what you’re dealing with right now, just know that you aren’t alone!