Prime Day for the classroom
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Back to school already?!

prime day for the classroom

Now that all of my July materials are officially available, it can only mean one thing – it’s time to think about August, you know… back to school season! I might not be ready, but I will definitely take advantage of Amazon Prime day to help me get in the mood. Prime day is July 11th and 12th, so I’m making my list now, here’s what I’m buying on Prime Day for the classroom (all links are affiliate links and I may receive a portion of the proceeds):

First things, first – my Prime membership always renews in August, which seems appropriate as we gear up to head back to school and buy all the supplies. My favorite perks are the free shipping of course, Prime video streaming, and first reads (1 free new kindle book at the beginning of every month, yes please)! If you haven’t taken advantage of Prime yet, check it out here.

I literally cannot start the new year with out new Flair pens. It’s the one splurge that I indulge in for myself and I’m going big with this set. I use these for my calendar, making lists, notes, signs for the classroom, well just about everything. I would rather use a flair pen than a regular pen, and I love having every single color I could possibly want.

A few new pieces for my wardrobe make it easier to get excited about getting up in the morning. This t-shirt dress is everything that I want for the classroom. It can be dressed up or down, worn with nice shoes or sneakers, looks super comfortable and easy to wear, and is cheap enough that I don’t care if it gets covered in whatever supplies we’re using that day.

I’ve been living in these sneakers and I’m considering getting a new pair to start the year off with. They a little extra with the leopard print, but it’s not too much. They also look cute with leggings or a dress!

I’ve had my eye on a mini photo printer, and I think it could be such a fun tool for the classroom. Students would absolutely love to get these little photo stickers as a reward, to decorate their folders or storage spaces, and they would be excellent for sharing moments with families. Definitely going in my cart.

I use my Niimbot label maker for EVERYTHING so I’m stocking up on some extra labels – but now that I’m thinking about it, I may just get another label maker so I have one at home and one in my desk…

I picked up one of these portable chargers before our family vacation last spring, and now I’m obsessed with it. I’m adding at least two more to my cart because I would love to have them everywhere. It’s a little smaller than my phone, easy to carry, and unlike some other portable chargers that I’ve used in the past, this one has never let me down. It charges every time that I need it to, and it’s quick!

Bath and Body Works room spray has saved me so many times – and any teacher understands. Putting that many children in one space creates all kinds of smells. Knowing that I can order Bath and Body scents on Amazon just makes life more convenient.

If you’re anything like me, life seems to move at a million miles an hour – and that makes it really hard to keep track of all of my stuff. I’m thinking about getting some Air Tags to put with the things that I’m forever looking for (work bag, keys, etc.).

I’m all about visual cues in the classroom, and the Echo Glow pairs with an Alexa device to use light to support routines (nap time wake-up, dimming throughout lunch to set the tone for nap etc.), provide a visual countdown, and create ambiance. It’ll be a fun way to help children regulate themselves.

Finding a good teacher bag is a never-ending quest. Right now, I’m loving the Bogg Bag. The two things that make this perfect are the structure and how easy it is to clean. Sometimes being a preschool means that you brings strange things to school with you – I’ve brought a waffle maker, electric skillet, bags of soybeans, baking ingredients, pet supplies – the list could go on. Knowing that my bag can handle whatever I put in it is so important!

These picture frames are my absolute favorite classroom item. They can be hung horizontally or vertically, and artwork just slides into the open side. There’s no taping, opening, or even taking them off the wall. They are a bit pricy – but you’re saving on whatever adhesive you might use to stick art to your walls, and the time it takes to do that! Definitely worth it for a gallery wall, even if it takes a couple of years to invest in the number of them that you want or need. I can always find room for more of these!

What’s on your Prime day list???

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