Best Amazon Teaching Products
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Preschool Teacher Products 2023

Best Amazon Teaching Products

I’m giving you even more ideas for your Amazon Big Deal Days wishlists today! Over the years I’ve narrowed down my absolute favorite products that I, as the teacher, NEED to have. Here’s my list: (all links are affiliates, your support is TRULY appreciated!)

I use these zip pouches for literally everything. They are one of my all-time-favorite Amazon purchases. This size can fit a whole notebook or legal pad, so I can easily keep all of my notes, projects, and copies organized.

I’m obsessed with my Bogg Bag and this leopard print one is definitely on my wishlist. I love the structure of this bag, and that it can handle messy or wet items (because you never know what you’ll end up lugging to or from school). It has been absolutely worth the investment.

I got a cute document holder to store my planner and all of the extras (stickers, pens, you know…) and it has been the best thing. It’s all zipped in and organized, I feel like I can take my whole office with me very easily.

The Echo Dot Kids is so fun in the classroom, and it really is convenient. I don’t have to search for the song that the children want to hear, I just ask Alexa to play it. I am constantly using the notes and reminders features, and the alarms are excellent too – I can give the children a five minute warning and then ask Alexa to set an alarm for 5 minutes.

I love my planner stickers, and this sticker collection from Pipsticks is truly the best for planning. There is a sticker for absolutely everything. Speaking of planners, how pretty is this floral Day Designer from Blue Sky – they always have the best covers.

When I need a pen I always reach for a Papermate Inkjoy gel pen first. They always write so smoothly! The colored set is everything. For my planner, Papermate Flair Pens are my go-to. I love the felt tip and the variety of colors. My collection is a little ridiculous.

I’m equally picky about my sticky notes. There are two kinds that I keep with me at all times. First, lined and brightly colored. I prefer these to be a little on the larger size like this 4×6 version so I can make a good list. I also need Post-it flags that I can use as tabs and to mark anything I want to return to again – the more colors the better.

My Vera Bradley backpack has come in handy more times than I can count. I recently replaced an old one with this chambray version and it goes with everything. I especially appreciate the padded area for a laptop. Goodness knows I can use all of the extra tech protection that I can get. I’ve also been known to stash documents in there so they don’t get wrinkled in the main section.

Last, but not least – stickers! I would’ve done just about anything for one of these really nice stickers as a kid, so using them as rewards is a no brainer for me. They’re such a good deal too! This set is mostly animals and they look kid friendly, but I’ve found that it’s always a good idea to sort through them just in case something inappropriate has snuck it’s way in there.

Don’t forget to explore the other great lists that I’ve posted this week as you gear up for Amazon’s Big Deal Days; Preschool Classroom Supplies, and Aesthetic Classroom Ideas. Tomorrow I’m sharing the parenting products from Amazon that have really changed the game for my family!

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