• Disney Cruise Countdown Workbook

    I’ve been planning this cruise vacation for a year now, so I’ve had a lot of time to think and create. I knew that I wanted to have some kind of countdown to keep up the excitement and help with the “when are we leaving?” questions. It was also really important to me that my daughter learn a little about the ship and the ports we’re visiting so that she feels as prepared as possible, and also gets a little history and cultural understanding. Of course I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I made it myself. I created a workbook that accomplishes both of those goals…

  • Disney road trip activities

    Tips for a Disney Road Trip

    Our family always does road trips when we vacation, and over the years I’ve come across a huge variety of tips (some hits, and some misses) for road-tripping with very young children. I’ve shared a lot of my favorites in these posts: Kids Road Trip Activities Road Trip Organization Hacks Travel Products for Kids Tips for Traveling with Preschoolers Every time that we’ve taken a trip I’ve tried something a little different and that’s true for our upcoming Disney Cruise trip too. We’re driving to the port, it’ll be the longest road trip that we’ve taken so far, so I wanted to make sure that my daughter stays entertained on…

  • Disney Cruise Door Magnets

    Disney Cruise Door Magnets

    As soon as I knew that we were taking this trip I started to DIY. One of the first projects I tackled was door decorations because Disney Cruise Line is known for guests going above and beyond on their door decor – and why wouldn’t you?! Any excuse to bring a little more Disney magic is always a must. I designed all of our magnets myself, but there are so many options on Etsy. My daughter is a HUGE Frozen fan, so it was a given that we would go that route. I also made a little suitcase with icons for each stop on our itinerary – I’m hoping to…

  • packing must haves

    Packing Hacks and Travel Must-Haves

    I’ve mentioned a couple of times that we’re going on a Disney Cruise over spring break, and right now I’m in packing heaven! I’m one of those people who loves to plan a trip and pack for it just as much as I love going on the actual trip. I know that not everyone is like that, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite travel must-haves. I also admit that I’m the kind of person who packs for every possible outcome – trying to find a store when you realize that you forgot something is not my idea of a relaxing vacation, so I’m fully aware that I’m…

  • April preschool activities

    April Preschool Activities

    April is getting close, and with the Easter holiday at the end of the month, it’ll sneak right up on you! I wanted to share all of the great materials that are included in the April Month of Preschool set because there are a ton of Easter activities that you can use right now, along with other spring themes for the next month. Here is everything that you’ll get in this one amazing download: This April set is 242 pages of amazing resources! you can download a preview HERE for even more information.

  • Practical Easter Ideas

    Practical Easter Baskets for Kids

    As a mom, my goal for this year is to incorporate more gifts that are practical or that meet multiple needs. For Easter, that means the bunny is bringing things that can be used this spring and summer. I’m really trying to stay away from the little trinkets that get played with one time and then lay around the house, but I still want my girl to be excited about what she finds in her Easter basket. Here’s what I’ve picked out for her this year (all affiliate links) We usually keep our Easter baskets pretty small, which means they fill up fast (smart parenting hack right there). If you’re…

  • Preschool Easter

    Preschool Easter Luncheon

    One of my favorite classroom memories is the year that the children begged to have a fancy Easter lunch at school. At the time we’d been exploring holidays, and as Easter got nearer we began to talk about the things that came to mind when they thought of the Easter holiday. One of them mentioned wearing fancy outfits and it took off from there. They helped us decide on “the right kind” of decorations for a fancy Easter lunch and we enlisted parents in helping us provide potluck items that were traditional for their families during this particular holiday celebration. Most importantly, the children planned their outfits meticulously. On the…

  • Teacher Easter

    Casual Easter Fashion and Accessories

    Easter is early this year, so it’s already time to start gathering all things pastel! These are the items that’ll help me ring in spring for sure. All are affiliate links, and items that I personally own or have used. Bunny T-shirt – This tee is understated and celebrates the more secular aspects of the holiday, making it perfect for the classroom. It comes in 3 different colors, so if pink isn’t your jam you can pick blue or purple. Bunny gift boxes – Seriously, how cute are these? What an easy way to share treats that still feels super festive. They come in a set of 12, and they…

  • Leprechaun trap supplies

    Making Leprechaun Traps

    Designing and building leprechaun traps has become one of our favorite traditions. I think the planning and creating is just as much fun as the anticipation of seeing if they’ll actually catch anything! This is one of those projects that really evokes my favorite memories of the kinds of activities that I loved as a child – the opportunity to use any and all materials to create something that I can see in my mind. That’s definitely a major reason that this stays on my plans year after year. Here are some of the supplies that I make sure to have available when it’s time to build our leprechaun traps:…

  • st patricks day clipart

    St. Patrick’s Day Clipart

    As I gear up for some St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans I’ve been using this clipart set nonstop! I thought I’d pop it back into the blog feed just in case you were in need of some cute St. Patrick’s day graphics too. You can find it in my TPT store and Etsy shop. Here’s how I used it in my planner last year: