• Friday Freebie – Shape Poems

    Happy Friday! If you’re new to Preschool Ponderings, Fridays around here are also known as Freebie Fridays.  Sometimes I have an exclusive freebie that I’ve created just for my blog readers, sometimes I share free activities from my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store, and sometimes I share amazing free resources from other creative teachers.  Either way, you win because you get something new, fun, and best of all FREE every week! This week has been all about different ways to learn about and explore shapes, so it is only fitting that today’s freebie fits that theme.  These Shape Poems from Amanda Pauley are a great way to help your little ones…

  • Shape art

    Both of my posts this week have been all about understanding shapes, but when you’re introducing a new concept to preschoolers it’s important to have fun with it too.  Here are some great ideas for shape art projects that will inspire exploration and creativity! Shape Collages – from Nurture Store Create a city out of shapes Make pictures with shape blocks Recreate shape pictures What other shape art activities do you do? Share them in the comments!

  • Comparing and Contrasting Shapes

    All of yesterday’s shape talk got me thinking – thinking so much that I had to create something new! I put together this Comparing Shapes set to help you work on some shape comparisons.  Each poster is designed to encourage students to look at the number of sides and corners (also new great vocabulary to introduce!) each shape has.  Once they can isolate these details and use them to focus on the differences and similarities of each shape, they will have a better understanding of what makes each shape. This set also includes a chart so that after you’ve explored each shape, you can put all of the information for…

  • Shape Scavenger Hunt

    I know it was a little quiet around her last week, but I am back and I have some fun activities to share with you this week! One of my favorite math concepts to explore with preschoolers is always shapes.  Understanding and recognizing shapes is necessary for more than just basic geometry, we need to understand shapes in order to build spatial awareness.  Shapes also invite comparisons and attention to detail, as well as encouraging children to pay attention to the world around them. I like to introduce the shape discussion by going on a scavenger hunt for shapes .  This is the perfect intro activity because it is something…

  • Friday Freebie – Spring Opposites

    Happy Friday! I may have been quiet here this week but I have certainly been busy, and I’m so excited to share some fun new stuff with you! This freebie is perfect for Spring – Help your students practice their opposites with this Spring Opposites Cookie Sheet Activity from File Folder Heaven.  I love these activities, they are loo prep and can be used over and over. Go download yours and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Spring Break!

    Hey everyone! I don’t get a spring break at my job, but for this one week I’m going to give my blog a bit of a Spring Break.  I’ll still have a Friday Freebie post on Friday, but other than that it will be quiet here this week. Don’t worry though, I have a ton of fun posts planned for next week, so make sure to check in for those!

  • Friday Freebie – St. Patrick’s Day

    Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s day! I hope that your day is full of just the right amount of mischievousness and sweetness, with all of the green you can find! Here’s a little free green for you – These letter and number cards are perfect for your last minute activities or your bulletin boards download your set and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Irish Culture Resources

    St. Patrick’s day is a lot of fun, but how many American’s actually have any understanding of why it is a holiday in the first place? While celebrating the holiday is a start to introducing children to cultural traditions, it’s important to go beyond the celebration and help make sure that the children have an understanding of the Irish culture. Here are a couple of websites that can help introduce children to Ireland – all are developmentally appropriate and full of photos and videos to give children a better visual understanding. Time for Kids: Destination Ireland National Geographic Kids: Ireland Country Profile Owlcation: Fun Irish Facts and Information for Kids…

  • St. Patrick’s Day treats

    What’s a few St. Patrick’s day tricks without a couple of treats?! Here are some of my favorite ideas that are easy to pull off and will guarantee smiles from your students. Lucky Charms Treats – These are your basic Rice Krispy Treats, but you substitute Lucky Charms in place of the Rice Krispy cereal.  You can follow any Rice Krispy treat recipe, my only suggestions are to make sure that the regular marshmallows you melt aren’t too hot this way they won’t melt the marshmallow shapes in your cereal.  Fruity Pebble Yogurt Parfaits – It doesn’t get easier than layering cereal and yogurt in clear cups.  The rainbow colored…

  • St. Patrick’s day tricks for the classroom

    Part of the fun of St. Patrick’s day is the leprechaun mischief. Those leprechauns are quick, tricky little things, which is exactly what makes them so much fun.  There are plenty of little tricks that you can play on your students to make the week just a little sillier.  Here are some ideas;  Mess up your room Leave a path of tiny green footprints (stickers or vinyl cut outs are perfect!) Hide rainbows or little piles of glitter throughout the classroom Use food coloring to turn liquids, like milk, green Put green kool-aid in faucets so the water comes out green Drape green crepe paper streamers across the room Make…