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Shape Scavenger Hunt

I know it was a little quiet around her last week, but I am back and I have some fun activities to share with you this week!

One of my favorite math concepts to explore with preschoolers is always shapes.  Understanding and recognizing shapes is necessary for more than just basic geometry, we need to understand shapes in order to build spatial awareness.  Shapes also invite comparisons and attention to detail, as well as encouraging children to pay attention to the world around them.

I like to introduce the shape discussion by going on a scavenger hunt for shapes .  This is the perfect intro activity because it is something that will challenge children who already know some of their shapes, while still being fun for children who are new to the concept.

I start the scavenger hunt by giving each child a shape book, and together we go through each shape as I challenge the children to find something in the classroom (or on the playground, in our neighborhood, etc.) that is the same shape.  I’m often amazed by the things they pick out because they are able to isolate shapes that I never would have noticed.

The shape books are nice to have because the children can compare the shape they’ve found “in real life” to the simplified version of the shape in their shape book, essentially they can check their own work.

You could also extend the learning by sending the shape books home with the children and asking them to find something in every shape at home. They could even bring back photos of the items that they found.

I’ve got more shape activities to share with you, so make sure to check back this week for more fun ideas!

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