• Christmas Gifts for Babies 2023

    Christmas Gifts for Babies 2023

    Halloween is tomorrow, which means it’s the perfect time to start sharing holiday gift guides… I know, it makes no sense, but this is the world we live in! Sharing gift recommendations for the youngest children is one of my favorite things to do. Infants can be so tough to buy for – they don’t NEED anything, and they aren’t old enough to really play with much, or let’s be honest even understand why they’re getting new things on this random day. Buying gifts for babies is truly about the giver and the child’s parents. Here are some infant gifts that are fun to give, and families will be grateful…

  • November preschool lesson plans

    November Lesson Plans!

    It’s officially here! The November Month of Preschool set is available! This collection of activities just my be my favorite month yet. It can be tricky to navigate Thanksgiving and all of the different family and historical aspects that come with it. The learning experiences included in this set cover the holiday and related themes in developmentally and culturally appropriate ways, while still being tons of fun. There is a heavy focus on the holiday, including themes of families, gratitude and thankfulness, traditional Thanksgiving foods, and baking. I’ve added some brand new activities, and even a few that are only available as part of this set. Here’s a sneak peak…

  • Halloween gift

    Quick Halloween Teacher Gift

    It’s always been my mission to make sure that my daughter’s teachers know they’re appreciated – because it’s something that teachers don’t hear enough. Sometimes that looks like personal, handmade gifts, and sometimes there just isn’t time for that! Here’s a quick and easy Halloween gift that I I just put together. Who doesn’t love a Halloween movie night? I found a bucket at the Dollar Tree, added some movie theater candy, Halloween Peeps, candy corn, and our family’s famous homemade kettle corn (but any popcorn would work). Then I tied on this cute tag, and decided to share it with you. You can download your own tags here. I…

  • Easy Halloween costume

    Last Minute Teacher Costumes

    I love Halloween, but I’m not a huge fan of dressing up – it’s the introvert in me that doesn’t want any extra attention! I also don’t love the idea of spending a ton of money on something that I’m only going to wear once. I’ve gotten really good at creating fun, comfortable costumes from my own closet. The fact that they’re made from clothes I already own means that they’re also very school-appropriate. Here are some of the ideas that I’ve used in the past, just in case you’re looking for a last minute teacher costume that won’t break the budget. Gardener – Pull out a pear of jeans…

  • pumpkin spice clipart

    Pumpkin Spice Clipart

    My November clipart set just feels so cozy and festive – exactly like I want November to be! I really wanted to do a pumpkin spice theme, but maybe a little differently than others have already done. I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. The color scheme makes me so happy because it’s not all oranges, reds, and golds – the purple and green really make a difference. You can download these in my TPT store or my Etsy store. Here’s what’s included in the entire bundle:

  • simple trunk or treat ideas

    Easy Trunk or Treat Ideas

    On Monday I shared some tips for planning a trunk or treat event. This has been on my mind because I’m currently trying to pull together decorations for my daughter’s school trunk or treat. Have you ever searched trunk or treat ideas on Pinterest?! People get elaborate! That is not my vibe, I’m all about using materials I already have or can get from the Dollar Tree. The photo above was last year’s effort, every single thing was from my house – I fully went with the witchy coffee shop look so I could use the pillow and ottoman from my daughter’s playroom. Here are some other super simple trunk…

  • planning trunk or treat

    Tips for planning a trunk or treat

    When trunk or treats first became a thing I didn’t really understand them, why do you need another opportunity to trick or treat? Let me tell you, as a parent I TOTALLY get it. My daughter’s child care program and her elementary PTO both host a trunk or treat annually and my favorite thing about these is that it seems like a safer option than trick or treating. The group of parents are people that we know and trust, and the safety piece is so much easier to manage. Of course there are other perks – more opportunities to wear those expensive costumes for one! Since I’ve been planning trunk…

  • Ribbon scrunchie DIY

    DIY School Spirit Scrunchies

    I was looking for a quick and easy little gift for all of the girls in my life who are enjoying “mini cheerleader season.” You know, where schools raise money by getting all of the elementary school parents to come to high school football games by giving their daughters the opportunity to look cute on the field for five minutes. Every cheerleader needs a scrunchie, so I scooped up some Dollar Tree ribbon in school colors and busted out an old-school craft. Enter the ribbon scrunchie. I made these so many times as a kid – we had scrunchies for every possible holiday and event. It’s only fair that my…

  • Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023

    Ahhhh! It’s here! Are you ready to shop those big deal days?! Last week I shared some of my all-time Amazon favorites, you can check those posts out using these links: My personal trick for shopping these kind of sales is to create a wish list of the things that I’m looking for and just watch that list to see if the prices change. Last week I was already seeing great deals on the items on my own personal lists, so I picked up a few things before the sale even started!

  • School communities

    Building School Spirit

    Preschool is often children’s first experience with school, and encouraging school spirit can really build a feeling of community for children and their families. If your school is associated with your local school district then you’ve got easy access to already defined school colors, mascots, and sports teams that you can really lean into. If you’re in a child care program you can still take advantage of many of these same things by partnering with your local district or creating your own set of spirit guidelines. Here are some excellent ways to use these with your families: Spirit wear fundraisers – get everyone geared up! T-shirts are standard offerings, and…