road trip with kids
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Travel Products for Kids

road trips with kids

When I was sharing all of my travel tips earlier this week, it occurred to me that I should give you a peek into the items that I always make sure to have with us when we head out on a road trip. These are all affiliate links and I may receive a portion of the sales. Here are my recommendations for kid’s road trip must-haves:

unicorn neck pillow

This unicorn travel pillow is one of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases. It’s adorable and SO soft. The cover zips off so it can be washed, and the mask and little ear plugs are included. It comes vacuum sealed in this tiny little bag, so opening it and watching it “grow” to full size is half the fun – it’s fascinating! I may be thinking about getting one for myself before our next trip…

kindle fire kids

I definitely fall in the “pro-tablet” camp when it comes to road trips (you can read my thoughts on this here). The Kindle Fire Kids is a no-brainer. The price point can’t be beat and I love that the Amazon Kids software makes parental controls so easy. I never worry about my girl accessing something that I don’t want her to see. We recently upgraded my daughters Fire tablet, and this newest version has a great screen, she was impressed with how big it is! We also added this case for some additional protection.


You can’t beat coloring for a little low-tech entertainment, and I’ll always be loyal to Crayola. Twistables are my favorites for road trips because they don’t require any kind of sharpener, and they won’t run out.

kids dramamine

All of the medicine! With little ones you never know what’s going to happen – I shared the story about how my daughter randomly developed carsickness for the first time on an 8 hour drive, now I take Dramamine with me everywhere. The same is true for fevers, they spike anytime and anywhere. Being prepared saves me every time.

sour gummy worms

This one might be a little unconventional, but during said car trip I was frantically Googling ways to stop motion sickness and sour foods happen to be one suggestion. It’s something about shocking the taste buds and making your brain focus on something other than the movement. Luckily I had some sour gummy worms and they actually did help! Now they go on every trip with us, it’s like a very irrational superstition.

waterproof zip pouches

I use these waterproof zip pouches for everything! They’re perfect for keeping activities organized in the car because my daughter can easily see what she wants. I also use them to separate outfits by day so that she can easily get dressed on her own without destroying the entire suitcase. They’re good for wet bathing suits and dirty clothes too.

thermos funtainer

Thermos Funtainers are always my first choice when it comes to water bottles. They’re durable and totally leak proof – important when they’ll probably end up rolling around on the floor of the car! Taking a water bottle that you trust means not having to worry about spills, and knowing that your child will be able to use it independently.

Sometimes the most important items are the ones you spend the least time thinking about – sour gummy worms, who knew?! The most important thing to remember when packing for a trip like this is that it’s only for a few days, you’ve got this!

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