• Christmas clearance finds in the classroom

    Using Christmas Clearance Finds in the Classroom

    Christmas clearance sales are some of the best of the year – and they can really help you head into the rest of the winter with a good plan for your classroom! On Monday I shared a list of some of my favorite items to pick up for preschool while you’re shopping these sales. Today, let’s talk about some ways to use your Christmas clearance finds in the classroom. The sensory bin is a great place to start – fake snow with little animal figurines, cutting different kinds of ribbon, a bag of bows and little boxes – you get the idea. The great thing about Christmas clearance items is…

  • Christmas clearance for preschool

    Christmas Clearance for the Classroom

    I love a good sale – who doesn’t?! When it comes to after-Christmas clearance sales, there are so many things that can be used in the classroom. Check out some of the materials that I love to scoop up on Christmas clearance for preschool! Anything that doesn’t scream Christmas can be a great supply for the rest of the year. This includes: Ornaments can be repurposed as figurines for play areas and sensory bins. look for: There are so many different options for sensory play, like: After Christmas, there’s still the rest of the winter season – so anything that supports exploring snow and winter themes is fair game: I…

  • christmas favorites

    Christmas Favorites Printable

    I had so much fun sharing my Christmas favorites earlier this week that I made a quick printable so that you can do the same. This would be so fun for a staff bulletin board or party game! You could even send it home with your families to learn a little more about them, or use it with your own family over the holidays. Click on the photo below to download the printable.

  • holiday favorites

    About Me: Christmas Version

    Hi, I’m Erin and I love, love, love Christmas. I haven’t done an introduction in a VERY long time, so I thought it might be fun to do one with a Christmas spin! Here are some of my holiday favorites – along with some quirky preferences and products that I can’t do Christmas without! If you were a Christmas movie character, who would you be? I’m a hopeless romantic, so I’d pick any lead female from a Hallmark movie. What is your favorite Christmas song? I literally cannot pick just one. I love Christmas music of all types – but my heart holds a special place for Mariah Carey and…

  • classroom donations

    Ask for donations – and actually get them!

    Let me paint a picture – You have this great activity planned and you can’t wait for the children to get really creative with it, so you make a list of materials that you need and hand it out to all of the parents with a deadline for their classroom donations. That deadline comes and you’ve received 1 or two items off your list. Now you have a choice, do you cross the activity off your list or find another way to secure the materials you need – even if it means buying them yourself? Raise your hand if this has happened to you – is your hand raised? Mine…

  • enjoying the holidays

    Finding Joy in the Holiday Busy-ness

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached that point in the holiday season where it’s hard to see past the busy. My to-do lists are taking over, so I’m really trying to pull back and remember what I love most about the Christmas season so that I can be intentional about adding a little more of that. It’s hard to make sure that you’re enjoying the holidays when you’re trying to do ALL THE THINGS. Speaking of all the things, I saw this as I was scrolling my Instagram feed the other day and it really stuck with me: That’s pretty profound – the idea of just stopping something…

  • christmas break activities for learning

    Christmas Break Activities for Learning

    Christmas break is quickly approaching – my girl has 8 days of school left – and I’m feeling a little unprepared. She’ll be home with me for 12 days, and that means that we need some kind of plan or we’ll both go stir crazy. Getting organized for something like this is right up my alley, so I took some time to pull together Christmas Break learning activities. I promise these are easy enough to replicate no matter what types of materials you have available! I’m including some affiliate links that might be helpful too. The first think I did was grab a stack of these zipper pouches – I…

  • hot chocolate party printable

    Easy Christmas Hot Chocolate Party

    Hosting holiday parties is one of my favorite things – mostly because I LOVE decorating! When a teacher friend asked me to create some cute tags for her classroom hot chocolate party I couldn’t help myself, I made an entire matching set. Now I get to share it with you! The holidays are busy enough, being able to have a fun, easy party, where you get to just be present and enjoy your students is kind of a dream. This set will help you achieve it though. Take a look at all of the amazing things included in this holiday hot chocolate party printable set. Decorations set the tone, and…

  • January preschool lesson plans

    Preschool Plans for January

    The holidays make it really easy to plan lessons and activities for the month of December, maybe that’s why January always feels like such a challenge. After a month of celebrating, January can be a little *blah* plus, with the busy-ness of December, plans for January have a way of getting pushed off until the last minute. Let me help with all of this! My Month of Preschool sets include lesson plans complete with all of the included activities AND space to differentiate for your group. Let’s take a look at some of the preschool plans for January that are included. All of the lesson plans include 5 days worth…