January preschool lesson plans

Preschool Plans for January

Preschool plans for January

The holidays make it really easy to plan lessons and activities for the month of December, maybe that’s why January always feels like such a challenge. After a month of celebrating, January can be a little *blah* plus, with the busy-ness of December, plans for January have a way of getting pushed off until the last minute. Let me help with all of this! My Month of Preschool sets include lesson plans complete with all of the included activities AND space to differentiate for your group. Let’s take a look at some of the preschool plans for January that are included.

January Preschool Lesson Plans

All of the lesson plans include 5 days worth of activities for all learning domains. Each of these activities can be easily adapted for all of your learners. Printable vocabulary cards, alphabet games, mini books, class books, math manipulatives and games, and social emotional practice activities are all included. So are ideas for art, sensory, and movement experiences. Most importantly though – it’s all flexible! You get the extra time to be present with your students and really understand what they need most. What a dream to have this taken care of so that you can ease into the new year with less stress and so much more patience!

If you’re interested in exploring this set a little deeper, take a look at this post. I’m always happy to answer any questions!

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