• Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023

    Ahhhh! It’s here! Are you ready to shop those big deal days?! Last week I shared some of my all-time Amazon favorites, you can check those posts out using these links: My personal trick for shopping these kind of sales is to create a wish list of the things that I’m looking for and just watch that list to see if the prices change. Last week I was already seeing great deals on the items on my own personal lists, so I picked up a few things before the sale even started!

  • Best Amazon Teaching Products

    Preschool Teacher Products 2023

    I’m giving you even more ideas for your Amazon Big Deal Days wishlists today! Over the years I’ve narrowed down my absolute favorite products that I, as the teacher, NEED to have. Here’s my list: (all links are affiliates, your support is TRULY appreciated!) I use these zip pouches for literally everything. They are one of my all-time-favorite Amazon purchases. This size can fit a whole notebook or legal pad, so I can easily keep all of my notes, projects, and copies organized. I’m obsessed with my Bogg Bag and this leopard print one is definitely on my wishlist. I love the structure of this bag, and that it can…

  • Amazon back to school

    Back to school on Amazon

    My all-time-favorite thing about prepping for back to school is shopping for supplies! While no one loves spending that money, having new materials to start fresh with is the absolute best. Here are my Amazon back to school must-haves if you’re looking to add to your own cart (all links are affiliates, I receive a portion of sales from these): I cannot get enough of these zip pouches! I use them for everything from travel to organizing paperwork. In the classroom there are so many potential uses – giving each child one to use as a mailboxes, organizing extra clothes, separating seasonal sensory materials, sending home activities or paperwork that…

  • simple bug catcher

    Easy Camping DIY

    We enjoyed a nice long camping trip last weekend and I’m still working through all of the laundry! I had to share this little DIY before I forget – Simple bug catchers. These are such an easy way to keep kids busy and encourage exploration. Before we left I was looking for a quick project that my girl and I could put together for all of the kids that were camping with us. I wanted something that we already had all of the supplies for, would actually capture interest, and wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Catching lightning bugs is always a favorite camping activity, so this was a…

  • The Simple Life

    I had to share this because I KNOW I’m not the only one feeling this way. I made this wallpaper for my computer using my Patriotic Bicycle Parade clipart. When I opened my laptop this morning I had to laugh at the sentiment – life feels anything but simple at the moment! It’s more like a whirlwind of holidays, trips, activities, and managing everyone’s schedules. If that describes what you’re dealing with right now, just know that you aren’t alone!

  • Bicycle Parade Clipart

    I finally got this posted! I am so in love with this pretty patriotic set. I started making these 1 year ago and it has been the best to see how much they’ve improved each month – making these is truly my favorite part of my job. Take a look at all of the great sets (they can also be purchased as a bundle)!

  • A Quick Update

    You know that I’m prepping for summer, and that means switching my work schedule up a bit. I’m taking this week to make those changes and get everything ready to move forward. What that means is that you won’t see any new blog posts here this week, but next week I’ll be back in full force!

  • road trip with kids

    Travel Products for Kids

    When I was sharing all of my travel tips earlier this week, it occurred to me that I should give you a peek into the items that I always make sure to have with us when we head out on a road trip. These are all affiliate links and I may receive a portion of the sales. Here are my recommendations for kid’s road trip must-haves: This unicorn travel pillow is one of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases. It’s adorable and SO soft. The cover zips off so it can be washed, and the mask and little ear plugs are included. It comes vacuum sealed in this tiny little bag,…

  • changing challenging behaviors

    REALLY Changing Challenging Behaviors

    A couple of weeks ago I shared a free sample of a behavior tracking system that can be used to identify patterns related to challenging behaviors. Now, I want to dig into what happens after you’ve identified those patterns. Let’s reflect so that you can really starting changing challenging behaviors in the classroom. Part of this system is a reflection sheet: This reflection starts by exploring what is working WELL for this child already – what parts of the day are they successfully able to manage their behavior? For some children, this will be easily evident, and for others you might have to continue observing to get an even better…