december lesson plans
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December Month of Preschool and A Major Announcement!

preschool lesson plans

Have you ever gotten so into a project that you completely forget what day it is? Or does that just happen to me? I’m so sorry that I didn’t have a post up on Wednesday, but I promise I was working on something very special! All of the preschool resources that you need for the month of December are available now (and that’s not even the major announcement).

This December set is truly so fun. I’m the kind of teacher who leans heavily into the holidays, so please note that this set is almost all Christmas related. If that isn’t a good fit for your classroom I completely understand! I’m still working on a December set that includes no Christmas materials at all, but it’s taking a bit longer and I wanted to put this one up so that you can start prepping before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ok, are you ready for this??? Now that December is available, that means that you can download an ENTIRE YEAR of preschool lesson plans and materials from Preschool Ponderings! I’ve created a bundle of these on TPT to make it even easier for you. Also, I’ve priced the bundle so that purchasing it means you’re getting two full months for FREE. Purchasing each month on it’s own would cost $360, while the bundle is only $300. That’s an amazing deal for a whole year of preschool completely ready for you! Please go check out everything that’s included using this link.

preschool lesson plans

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