Easy preschool lesson plans
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January Preschool Lesson Plans – Everything Included in a Month of Preschool Set

Easy Preschool Lesson Plans

I told you last week that I was going to tackle videos this year, and here I am, already crushing that resolution! I just posted a nice long (maybe too long…) video of all of the materials that are included in my January Month of Preschool set – you definitely want to check this out if you’ve ever wished that someone would just do all of your lesson planning and prep for you!

There are so many resources included in the Month of Preschool sets that video is really the ideal way to share the amazing value of these resources. Take a look to see both the digital download that you’ll receive, AND what the materials look like after being printed and prepped.

I also wanted to give a little more information about this January set here. When I was making the video I realized that there isn’t a list of all the included resources and activities available anywhere – It’s time to change that!

Here is everything included in the January Month of Preschool set:

This January set is 198 page of pure convenience. It’s actually the smallest of My Month of Preschool sets (page-wise), which means there is so much more to love in all of the other sets! You can explore all of those HERE.

I truly do hope the video is helpful. I may not be the next great film director, but I definitely have more ideas to share, so look for more of those coming soon!

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