Starting the year off right 2024
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New Year Refresh

Starting the year off right 2024

The new year is the perfect time to renew and refresh. Sometimes that means incorporating new systems and products. Here are the things that are on my list to pick up at the moment – as always, these are affiliate links and I will receive a portion of the proceeds, but I truly do love or have my eye on these products at the moment. My opinions are all my own!

  • A new tumbler – Picking out a new tumbler is the easiest way for me to feel refreshed. It changes things up a bit, while still supporting my routines. Plus, they get a little funky after a while, so a new one is always justified! I keep coming back to this gorgeous black on black cheetah print Simple Modern tumbler. I think it has my name on it.
  • A calendar – This makes perfect sense for the new year, and I’m loving this statement chalkboard-look desk calendar. It could easily be hung on the wall or refrigerator, and it’s definitely big enough to keep track of all of the activities and appointments.
  • Tech organizer – I attempted to get rid of some charging cords over the break, we seem to have a ton that don’t have any actual use and not enough of the ones we really need. How does that happen? I picked up one of these charging cord cases for a trip that we’re prepping for, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up using it all the time.
  • Tear-off calendar – The time-lapse videos of these amaze me! You tear a page off each day, and the way that they are perforated leaves a design that builds over time. It’s completely unnecessary and so much fun. This would be a great little gift to give at the beginning of the year. I picked the ferris wheel calendar design, but there are 17 other designs to choose from.
  • A new bag – The last year of use is definitely showing on my favorite tote bag, which can only mean that it’s time for a new one. This leopard spotted design has everything I’m looking for – it’s a little casual while still being nice enough for work, it has some elevated features, and it’s big while also having structure.
  • Airpods – I truly don’t know how I lived without these. Yes, I know that’s dramatic and privileged. Truthfully any brand of these are just fine, but I’m a sucker for the convenience of apple products that intuitively work together. As a mom and someone who often works pretty much anywhere, these make it so much easier to get the time and space that I need to focus.
  • New sneakers – I feel like I’m constantly replacing sneakers, and part of that is because I often choose the cheap option instead of the quality option. This time I went for the real deal, and I don’t regret it. Adidas Grand Court 2.0 are about as trendy as I get, but wearing these makes me feel so much more put together. They truly do go with everything!
  • Tote bag organizer – I go back and forth on these, I’ve used them and loved them and used them and hated them. I think the most important thing is to really find the RIGHT one, and that’s any one that meets your needs. This insert has stiff walls with tightly fit pockets, meaning that it’ll hold up and add to the structure of my bag. It also has a removable zip insert, so I won’t have to switch everything into a wristlet if I don’t need my entire tote full of stuff. This one also comes in 5 different sizes.
  • Acrylic organizer – I’ve tested so many of these and I think this one is finally the winner. I love that it comes with dividers so that it isn’t just a giant empty hole to throw things into.
  • Weekly notepad – I can’t get enough list pads, my collection definitely doesn’t need another, BUT this one has the perforated to-do list section AND it comes in two different sizes with the option to get either size with or without a magnet. The customization gets me every time.
  • Bottle or tumbler organizer – I’m seeing these things everywhere, and I know why! If your cupboards looks anything like mine do, then you get it too. All of the tumblers and water bottles have taken over and I’m willing to try any solution.
  • Wax warmer – These make everything feel so cozy, and now that I’ve taken my holiday decorations down I feel like we could use a little more cozy in my house. Let’s face it, we aren’t even halfway through winter, and the warm glow of this one, with some comforting scents definitely puts me in a better mood on a cold, cloudy day.

What have you been loving lately?

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