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Easy Christmas Hot Chocolate Party

hot chocolate party printable set

Hosting holiday parties is one of my favorite things – mostly because I LOVE decorating! When a teacher friend asked me to create some cute tags for her classroom hot chocolate party I couldn’t help myself, I made an entire matching set. Now I get to share it with you! The holidays are busy enough, being able to have a fun, easy party, where you get to just be present and enjoy your students is kind of a dream. This set will help you achieve it though. Take a look at all of the amazing things included in this holiday hot chocolate party printable set.

Printable christmas banner

Decorations set the tone, and this party is all about fun holiday spirit. This cute little banner couldn’t be easier to put together, and keeps everything light and happy with the bright colors.

hot chocolate party invitations

Invitations are important, and these are designed so that you can fill in the most important details. Print them and write the information in, or copy the page into an editable document and add a text box over these spaces to type it all in.

hot chocolate party cup sleeves

These cup sleeves are my favorite part of the set! I attached them to white disposable coffee cups, but they’ll also fit around Styrofoam cups. This is the kind of detail that really pulls a party together.

Hot chocolate party buffet cards

A hot chocolate bar needs a good variety of add-ins and toppings. Keep everything organized with these little buffet tags. They can also be used to give everyday items cute themed names – maybe your students would appreciate calling their marshmallows “mini snowballs” if you’re feeling a little more whimsical or creative!

hot chocolate party coloring sheet

Every party has a little down time, what’s better for filling that than a coloring sheet?! This one is simple enough for any age, while also leaving some opportunity for personalization. It matches the rest of the decor perfectly of course.

Christmas hot chocolate party bookmark

When the party’s over send your little guests home with a gift that’ll inspire some holiday reading. Print these bookmarks on cardstock and add their names to the back before laminating for a personalized token. These would be awesome paired with a new book too!

The best thing about this set is that it can be used at home or at school, so you can really make the most out of one purchase AND save yourself some precious time and energy during the holiday season. Download the entire thing here. If this set looks like fun, you might also enjoy my Christmas Cookie Freebie as a party activity.

hot chocolate party printables

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