• Valentine Party Themes

    You know I love a good theme party, it can really help focus the event and narrow all of the ideas to pull things together. If you’re looking for a little more direction for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, then here are some ideas to work with!

  • Christmas party ideas

    Classroom Party Themes for the Holidays

    Party themes seem to follow trends, but sometimes I like to do something a little different than everyone else is doing. If this is true for you too, then here are some fun holiday party ideas for the classroom that are a bit different! Get creative with your Christmas party themes this year! It’s fun to think up new ideas – what are some of the favorites that you’ve done over the years?

  • last day of summer ice cream party

    Last Day of Summer Party!

    I’m happy with any excuse for a party! This one is a little bittersweet – so ice cream felt like the perfect theme. A “last day of summer” party is a great way to help children mark the end of one season and move into the school year with a positive attitude. This can also be a really powerful tool for the classroom. If you have students that have been with you all summer and they’ll continue to stay with you throughout the school year, this can help make that mindset change from summer to the school year. It’s also a great way to say goodbye to children who were…

  • Gabby's Dollhouse Birthday Party

    Easy DIY Birthday Party

    We celebrated my girl’s birthday while camping last weekend and it was low-key, while still being everything she wanted! Kid’s birthday parties can get expensive really fast – especially if your child requests a character theme – but they absolutely don’t HAVE to be expensive. I was able to give her a Gabby’s Dollhouse Birthday Party using supplies from the Dollar Tree and craft stores, without breaking the bank. All of the decorations were DIY – banners that I designed, printed, and cut, and lots of yarn tassels and balloons. We did paper products in the color scheme, but not printed with any characters, which also saved a lot of…

  • hot chocolate party printable

    Easy Christmas Hot Chocolate Party

    Hosting holiday parties is one of my favorite things – mostly because I LOVE decorating! When a teacher friend asked me to create some cute tags for her classroom hot chocolate party I couldn’t help myself, I made an entire matching set. Now I get to share it with you! The holidays are busy enough, being able to have a fun, easy party, where you get to just be present and enjoy your students is kind of a dream. This set will help you achieve it though. Take a look at all of the amazing things included in this holiday hot chocolate party printable set. Decorations set the tone, and…

  • Easy Teacher Halloween Costumes

    Last year I had a great idea for a Halloween costume. I bought all of the supplies and put it together, and didn’t try it on until the night before I needed it.  It. Looked. Awful.  So I needed a last minute costume – I rifled through my closet and put together the perfect librarian costume – a pencil skirt, a book-themed graphic tee, a cardigan, a bun, and glasses. I grabbed a couple of books off the shelf and it was a hit.  My last minute costume turned out so great that I’ve challenged myself to come up with a costume out of my closet every year.  This year…

  • Healthy Halloween Treats

    Halloween is all about the candy and sweets – I love these as much as the next person, and I’m known for my Halloween sugar cookies – but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  Here are some healthy Halloween treats that are just as fun as the sweet ones! Ghostly String Cheese Mummy Applesauce Pretzel Broomsticks Clementine Pumpkins Cheese Cut Outs What are your favorite healthy holiday treats?

  • Creative Mother’s Day Celebrations

    I’ll be honest here, Mother’s day is not my favorite holiday to celebrate with my preschoolers.  It is a highly personal holiday – each family celebrates very differently, and I don’t want any of my students to feel like their family’s celebration is not the “right” kind of celebration.  I do however love to throw a party, and I think that these kinds of events allow families to decide who is going to attend, and to help prepare their child for the event before it happens. I know that Muffins for Moms breakfasts are really popular, because the alliteration is cute and muffins are easy, but if you are thinking…

  • Easter Snack – Bunny Trail Mix

    Even  if you aren’t planning an Easter party, it’s always fun to add a little excitement to your day with a special snack.  I love to make snack mix with preschoolers for a couple of reasons: None of the ingredients have to be measured or cooked, just dump it all in a great big bowl and stir it up! It is really easy for families to help bring in supplies because they only have to get a bag of this or a box of that.  You aren’t asking for a ton of stuff and they don’t have to sort or seperate any of it.   The other really great thing…

  • Managing Class Party Chaos

    I’ve been thinking about all of my teacher friends for the last week or so because I know that many of you are preparing for Valentine’s Day parties in your classrooms tomorrow.  In my experience I’ve found that there are two kind of teachers; those that absolutely love party days, and those that dread and hate them.  I personally fall under the LOVE category, but I can completely understand why one might dislike these days. Let’s face it, the children can’t focus on anything, the room is loud, and there is usually far too much sugar, not to mention activities that need a lot of prep, and just extra mess…