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Amazing Deals on Dress Up!

I usually suggest waiting until after Halloween to grab clearance costumes for your dramatic play area, but this year I’m telling everyone I know to RUN to the Dollar Tree because they have some amazing costumes out already. 

You can’t beat dress up clothes and accessories for a dollar, and while I know that the quality may not be the best they’re all $1.  Can I say it one more time ONE DOLLAR! Ok, I’m pretty sure that I’ve managed to convey my level of excitement, now let me show you a visual. 

I bought all of this for my own daughter – she’s getting a great big bag of dress up clothes for Christmas and I spent less than $20 on all of it (I also snagged a few items that are not pictured, including a unicorn headband and tail, black cat mask, and dress up necklaces).

They also have chef aprons and hats, turtle shells, pirate gear, a variety of wands and tiaras, witches hats, and wigs.  If you’ve ever wished that you had more options in your dramatic play area then go go go to the nearest Dollar Tree quick, these are bound to be picked over fast!

**This is not a sponsored post, I just love the current offerings from the Dollar Tree**

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