Easy Halloween costume
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Last Minute Teacher Costumes

Easy Halloween costume

I love Halloween, but I’m not a huge fan of dressing up – it’s the introvert in me that doesn’t want any extra attention! I also don’t love the idea of spending a ton of money on something that I’m only going to wear once. I’ve gotten really good at creating fun, comfortable costumes from my own closet. The fact that they’re made from clothes I already own means that they’re also very school-appropriate. Here are some of the ideas that I’ve used in the past, just in case you’re looking for a last minute teacher costume that won’t break the budget.

Gardener – Pull out a pear of jeans or denim overalls, rain boots, some gardening gloves and a floppy sun hat for the base of the costume. Then you can add some fake flowers or play vegetables from your dramatic play stash!

Librarian – All you need is a pencil skirt, oversize cardigan, glasses, and a bun in your hair. Grab a stack of books and you’re all set.

Fortune Teller – Grab a maxi skirt and layer some scarves around your waist. Add another scarf around your head and a collection of necklaces and bangle bracelets to complete the look.

Zoo Keeper – Khaki pants and a utility jacket are all you need for this one. You can add a bucket hat and some stuffed animals to really knock this one out.

Lamb – It can’t get easier than this one, a fuzzy white sweater or sherpa jacket and black pants. If you’re feeling crafty you can add some felt ears to a winter hat too.

Yoga Teacher – This is really just an excuse to wear yoga clothes to work! Pull out some leggings or yoga pants and an appropriate work out shirt (if you really want to get into it you can make a shirt that says “Namaste”). Then grab a yoga mat to carry around, and you’ve got a super easy and comfortable costume.

Baker – Find an apron in the kitchen and fill the pockets with some baking utensils. Add a mixing bowl and whisk or spatula that you can take with you. You’ll look just like a baker without even having to change clothes.

Mime – Do you have some black pants and a black and white striped shirt? Then you’ve got a mime costume! Dress is up with some white winter gloves and a red scarf and you’re good to go.

Lumberjack – With the popularity of buffalo plaid over the last few years, there’s a good chance that you have a flannel shirt in your closet. Pair it with some jeans, a vest and work boots. Add a beanie and a cardboard ax for a classic costume.

Witch – Everyone has a black dress! The great thing about this costume is that you can take it scary or cute depending on what you have in your closet. Pick out some leggings, tights, or knee socks that fit the vibe you’re going for and top it off with a cheap witch hat, some black shoes, and a broom.

Barista – If you’re known for your coffee habit then this costume will make perfect sense to everyone you work with. Dress in all black and top it off with a green apron. This is also a great excuse to stop before work and get coffee, because you need the cup for your costume.

Goo look through that closet, I bet you’ll find something amazing in there now that you’ve got some creative ideas to get you started!

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