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Creative Mother’s Day Celebrations

I’ll be honest here, Mother’s day is not my favorite holiday to celebrate with my preschoolers.  It is a highly personal holiday – each family celebrates very differently, and I don’t want any of my students to feel like their family’s celebration is not the “right” kind of celebration.  I do however love to throw a party, and I think that these kinds of events allow families to decide who is going to attend, and to help prepare their child for the event before it happens.

I know that Muffins for Moms breakfasts are really popular, because the alliteration is cute and muffins are easy, but if you are thinking about switching it up I have so many great ideas!

My favorite Mother’s Day celebration that I’ve thrown was a coffee shop theme.  We set up the Keurig with a variety of K-Cups, and we added some scones and donuts.  It was a fun little breakfast that parents could take with them, or enjoy with their child, and it was EASY!

I would love to do a Mother’s Day Garden Party.  I think that the children would really get a kick out of decorating the playground and putting together tiny little sandwiches.  I also love the idea of not having to clean up the classroom after an outdoor party!

If you’d rather do something that doesn’t involve food then try an art gallery event.  Each child could create a portrait of their mom or special adult to share with everyone who visits the gallery. It would be so much fun to have actual photos of the person to hang next to the child created portrait, and then the portrait would become a treasured family keepsake.

I know that breakfast is easy because Moms can grab it and go, and then you can clean up and start your day. But Mom would probably also appreciate if you took care of dinner.  Connect with a local Pizza Parlor and see if they would donate pizzas or coupons for your families, then you could send home packs of napkins, paper plates, drinks, a small dessert and you’ve got a full meal that mom doesn’t have to cook!

Another great event that your program could do for Mother’s Day wouldn’t even require Mom to stay at your program.  Consider opening on Saturday, or staying open late one evening during the week so Mom can leave the kids with you and spend some “Me time” doing whatever she wants.

There are plent of amazing ways to celebrate Mom, so if you feel like you’ve been stuck in the “Muffins for Mom” box and you’d love to do something different give one of these ideas a try!

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