mother's day

  • painted vase

    DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea

    I’ve been all about the upcycle lately, and our Mother’s Day Gift is no exception! This painted vase couldn’t be more simple, and the easy projects often pack the biggest punch. These vases can be made with any glass jar or bottle. I used the bottles from Trader Joe’s sparkling lemonade because they’re so fun and fancy. We used acrylic paint and a 1/2 inch wide paint brush to create the paint strokes. That’s it! We’ll put some flowers in them and have an easy, eco-friendly, economical gift for the important ladies in our lives.

  • Friday Freebie – Mother’s Day Questionnaire

    Happy Friday! I hope that the spring weather is making your weeks fly by faster! Today’s freebie is another great idea for your Mother’s Day celebration.  I love activities that encourage children to share their thoughts and opinions, just like this Mother’s Day Questionnaire from Lisa Markle Sparkles.  Children love the one on one time that they get to tell you about their mom, and moms love to read their children’s hilarious answers.  It’s a fun little extra to add in with whatever cards you’ve made, and a great way to help children remember exactly what they are celebrating.  Go download your copy and have a great weekend!

  • Easy Photo Cards for Mother’s Day

    I must admit that when it comes to cards, I am a slacker. This is true in my personal life, and in the classroom.  In the classroom I tend to be the teacher who gets out the collage materials and lets the children go to town, and then hopes that the glue will dry in time to put the cards in an envelope.  If you tend to plan ahead a little better than I do, here are some really cute photo cards that you can try with your students! Cupcake Liner Flower Cards Photo Message Card Photo Card and Flower Sidewalk Chalk Photo Card Chalkboard Photo Card These adorable cards…

  • Mother’s Day Keepsakes

    If you’ve been reading Preschool Ponderings for a while, you know that my goal for holiday gifts for parents is that they should be something that Mom or Dad will actually want to use.  I’ve seen a lot of crazy gift ideas – bracelets made out of toilet paper rolls, candles made out of melted crayons, popsicle stick picture frames – but there are also a ton of really incredible ideas out there too.  Here are a few of my favorites: Keepsakes with children’s photos Photo Coasters Photo Pendants Photo Keychains Photo Magnets Thumbprint art Thumbprint Keychains Thumbprint Magnets Thumbprint Vase Things Mom can use at work DIY Notepads Post-It…

  • Creative Mother’s Day Celebrations

    I’ll be honest here, Mother’s day is not my favorite holiday to celebrate with my preschoolers.  It is a highly personal holiday – each family celebrates very differently, and I don’t want any of my students to feel like their family’s celebration is not the “right” kind of celebration.  I do however love to throw a party, and I think that these kinds of events allow families to decide who is going to attend, and to help prepare their child for the event before it happens. I know that Muffins for Moms breakfasts are really popular, because the alliteration is cute and muffins are easy, but if you are thinking…

  • Friday Freebie – Mother’s Day

    Happy Friday! I’m hoping today’s freebie is as helpful for you as it is for me! I try to start planning for Mother’s Day early because I have high standards, and because I know how long it takes for my kiddos to finish a project.  I have tough time choosing a Mother’s Day project every year because I want it to be something that Moms will really use, not just another piece of artwork that will end up in a pile.  I also really try not to spend too much, because I can’t afford to, and because I know it isn’t about spending money, it’s about teaching children to take…