Cheap and free summer activities
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Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

Cheap and free summer activities

Keeping kids busy all summer can get expensive really fast – but it doesn’t have to! There are so many creative ways to encourage children to use their bodies and brains without spending a ton of money. Here are some of my favorites:

Parks – Make a list of all of your local parks and visit a different playground each week. Explore nature preserves and walk every trail that you possibly can. Pack a picnic to really make a day of it (then you can challenge children to come up with new picnic foods AND help prep the lunches too)

Play dates – connect with other families and schedule times to get kids together. you can swap so that a different parent has the group each week. There’s no need to plan structured activities for the children, they’ll enjoy being together and come up with their own ways to play together.

Teach your kids something new – Is there a craft, hobby, or sport that you love? Teach your children how to do it so you can enjoy it together. Is there a chore that you wish they could help out with? Teach them some basic cooking or cleaning skills so that they can lend a hand.

Library – Take full advantage of your local library! Reading over the summer is always an excellent idea, but the library has so many other wonderful things to offer – programming, unique materials that you can check out, and community events.

Visit museums – Many museums have special pricing for children, or events specifically for them or certain days of the week. Select opportunities that align with your children’s interests or topics that you really want them to have a better understanding of. Look for community member discounts, or opportunities to bundle admission to multiple attractions.

Free concerts – Local communities in our area often sponsor “music in the park” or bands that play during farmer’s markets. These are excellent opportunities for children to see musicians in action and cultivate their love for music.

Discount Movies – Cinemark offers deeply discounted kids movie admission through their Summer Movie Clubhouse. This is a great way to cool off and enjoy a movie that won’t break the bank!

Community Pools and Splash Pads – Do a little research and find the cheapest (or free) pools and splash pads in your area and visit them often. Many communities offer special pricing for residents or memberships at a discount.

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