• thanksgiving activity

    Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Freebie

    I can imagine that you’re feeling the Thanksgiving crunch, so I’m coming through with a quick and easy last-minute Thanksgiving activity – oh, and did I mention that it’s free?! This opinion survey set can be used in the classroom, but it would also be an excellent activity for any holiday get together. Print the pages and put them on a clipboard, then send your preschooler around to ask everyone for their opinions! These would be great conversation starters, and they’re sure to spark some strong opinions. You can download them HERE (or by clicking on the photo).

  • Halloween gift

    Quick Halloween Teacher Gift

    It’s always been my mission to make sure that my daughter’s teachers know they’re appreciated – because it’s something that teachers don’t hear enough. Sometimes that looks like personal, handmade gifts, and sometimes there just isn’t time for that! Here’s a quick and easy Halloween gift that I I just put together. Who doesn’t love a Halloween movie night? I found a bucket at the Dollar Tree, added some movie theater candy, Halloween Peeps, candy corn, and our family’s famous homemade kettle corn (but any popcorn would work). Then I tied on this cute tag, and decided to share it with you. You can download your own tags here. I…

  • Preschool letter activity

    Easy Alphabet Match Activity

    I posted September’s Month of Preschool pack last week and wanted to share a sample activity with you! This has been one of my favorite easy activities for years because it is so low prep and can be used so many different ways. Print and laminate these and offer a variety of different letter manipulatives that children can match (alphabet pasta, cereal, pretzels, small letter magnets, erasers, or paper cut-outs). Laminated mats can also be written on with dry erase marker, or you can print one for each child that they can write on in pencil or marker. Go download your copy here, and make sure to check out the…

  • Preschool back to school activity

    A freebie for you!

    I’ve added a new freebie for you! This backpack name activity is from the Month of Preschool set for August. It’s such a cute, easy way to celebrate being back in the classroom, while also practicing an essential preschool skill – name recognition and writing. Doing this project can also be an excellent opportunity for assessment. You’ll get to observe how children hold crayons or markers, their writing skills, what letters they recognize, how well they already know their name, and if they can use scissors. It might take some time and patience, especially if you’re working with a group that is brand new to preschool. The information that you’re…

  • preschool behaviors

    Managing Challenging Behaviors

    I promised you some real solutions to the tough stuff that you have to deal with everyday, and the number one thing on that list is challenging behaviors. These are the kinds of things that can derail the entire class and make you feel like nothing you do will make a difference – I’ve been there. I’ve put together a resource that will help you understand, manage, and change these difficult preschool behaviors step by step. I’m also giving you a FREEBIE so you can try it out right away! Behaviors are so tough because we aren’t always able to understand exactly where there coming from, and even if we…

  • christmas favorites

    Christmas Favorites Printable

    I had so much fun sharing my Christmas favorites earlier this week that I made a quick printable so that you can do the same. This would be so fun for a staff bulletin board or party game! You could even send it home with your families to learn a little more about them, or use it with your own family over the holidays. Click on the photo below to download the printable.

  • Friday Freebie – Summer Birthday

    Happy Friday! I was searching for a freebie to share and when I stumbled on this one it struck a nerve.  I love this Summer Birthday form from Khrys Greco because I was the kid with a summer birthday.  I think one year I was allowed to bring in a birthday treat on the last day of school, other than that one year I never got to celebrate my birthday at school.  I think that this is a fun way to let families know that celebrating a half birthday is an option.  Download your copy and have a great weekend!

  • Friday Freebie – Cloud Hunt

    Happy Friday! I am all about being outside this week and today’s freebie is the perfect easy outdoor activity for a lazy summer afternoon.  This Cloud Hunt Bingo game from Green Grubs is the perfect way to encourage children to be creative while taking time to pay attention to the world around them.  Go download your copy and have a great weekend!

  • Friday Freebie – Ultimate packing list

    Happy Friday! I am currently on vacation, so I thought I’d share something a little different this Friday.  Those of you who have followed Preschool Ponderings for some time are well aware that I have a passion for all things organization. It should come as no surprise that I am known as the master of the packing list, but I may have found a freebie that challenges even my own list – this packing list freebie is from I Should Be Mopping the Floor.  If you don’t have a love for packing like I do, then this list is going to be your best friend! Go download yours and have…

  • Friday Freebie – Summer Writing Prompts

    Happy Friday! I have such a great idea for you today – I did a training last week and one of the participants was sharing that she is doing summer journals with all of her students.  She thought that this would be a good way to continue the writing and language work that they started during the school year, without really feeling like they were doing “work”.  She is planning on having them take their journals along with them on all of their fun summer trips so that they can write or draw what they learned and how they felt about the experience.  These Summer Writing Prompts from Kinder Molly,…