• summer camp supplies

    Summer Camp Supplies

    A couple of my favorite kids are going to summer camp for the first time in a few weeks and let me tell you, I am so jealous! I loved camp as a kid, and I’ve been eyeing all of the amazing supplies that I would definitely take with me this time around. I’ve put together some cute little care packages to send along with them, and I thought I would share some of the best finds that I stumbled across while putting these together. All links are affiliates. Tie Dye Laundry Bags – The laundry bag is the one item that gets the most abuse. As a kid I…

  • Books about frogs

    Frog Books for Preschool

    Did you know that toads are actually a type of frog? We’re learning so much during frog week! The highlight so far has been folding origami jumping frogs – we used this video from Art for Kids Hub to guide us. We’ve also been reading a lot. Here are the books that have been in wide rotation (all are affiliate links. Frogs – National Geographic Kids How Does a Tadpole Grow – Eric Carle Fanatical About Frogs (About Animals) – Owen Davey The Toad (Disgusting Critters) – Elise Gravel Tell Me The Difference Between a Frog and a Toad – Leigh Rockwood Frog and Toad are Friends – Arnold Lobel…

  • Preschool Patriotic Activities

    Memorial Day for Preschoolers

    I have an whole collection of Memorial Day resources that I wanted to share as we head into this long holiday weekend. Hopefully these will make your planning for the next week a little easier! Memorial Day Pinwheels Children’s Books for Memorial Day Patriotic Resource Round Up Patriotic Ribbon Wands Teaching Patriotism Connecting Your Class with Service Members Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Cheap and free summer activities

    Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

    Keeping kids busy all summer can get expensive really fast – but it doesn’t have to! There are so many creative ways to encourage children to use their bodies and brains without spending a ton of money. Here are some of my favorites: Parks – Make a list of all of your local parks and visit a different playground each week. Explore nature preserves and walk every trail that you possibly can. Pack a picnic to really make a day of it (then you can challenge children to come up with new picnic foods AND help prep the lunches too) Play dates – connect with other families and schedule times…

  • summer toys

    Summer Must Haves for Kids

    My daughter has 2 days of school left, and between, the beautiful weather we’ve been having, and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, it really feels like summer is upon us. I thought I’d share some of the products that we use over and over again all summer long. These are the basics that help keep my girl entertained, and mom a little more sane! All links are affiliate links. Sand toys – A good set cannot be underestimated! I DO NOT like sand personally (something about the way it feels just gets me) but my daughter doesn’t share this aversion, she’ll happily cover herself in it. I keep a set…

  • End of the year book gifts

    Books to give at the end of the school year

    Our students become our little family every year, and I always love leaving them with a memento to remember the community that we created, and to let them know that I’m still in their corner and cheering them on. Books are a wonderful gift to send them off with at the end of the year. There are always the classics, but how many copies of Oh The Places You’ll Go does one child really need? Here are 6 fund new options if you’re looking for some inspiration (all are affiliate links).

  • Teacher summer gift

    Teacher Appreciation Gifts on Amazon 2024

    It’s teacher appreciation week! If you need a last minute gift, I’ve got you covered. All of these are available on Amazon and can definitely be mixed and matched for an excellent gift. Any of these would also be excellent for Mother’s day if you’re trying to get all of your shopping done at once! All links below are affiliates. Cocktail travel tin set – This is pure fun and just screams summer. The great thing about this set is that is can be used to create a great cocktail OR mocktail, so it truly is appropriate for anyone. Turkish towel – These are my favorite! They’re easy to pack…

  • Summer learning supplies

    Materials that make summer learning easier (and more fun)!

    Part of preparing for summer is collecting the materials that will support all of our learning plans. Here’s what I’ve already gathered for this summer – and why (all links are affiliate links). Stencil set – My girl loves stencils and these are an excellent way to support handwriting. This set has so many different options that I know she love and use, plus it’s an activity that she can do completely independently. Supply box – Keeping everything in one spot is key, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to stop what we’re doing and go find a pencil, or a glue stick, or a pair of scissors.…

  • summer learning

    Summer with a First Grader

    Yesterday I shared how I planned for our summer learning last year. Go check out that post! Last summer my girl had just finished kindergarten and my goal was to make sure that she didn’t lose any of the skills that she had learned during her first year of school. This year my goals are a little different. I want to really dig into the things that she finds fascinating and show her that she can take on her own learning. I also want to build a true love of reading for both fun and out of curiosity. Last year we kept one theme for a whole month, but this…