Books about frogs
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Frog Books for Preschool

Books about frogs

Did you know that toads are actually a type of frog? We’re learning so much during frog week! The highlight so far has been folding origami jumping frogs – we used this video from Art for Kids Hub to guide us. We’ve also been reading a lot. Here are the books that have been in wide rotation (all are affiliate links.

Frogs – National Geographic Kids

How Does a Tadpole Grow – Eric Carle

Fanatical About Frogs (About Animals) – Owen Davey

The Toad (Disgusting Critters) – Elise Gravel

Tell Me The Difference Between a Frog and a Toad – Leigh Rockwood

Frog and Toad are Friends – Arnold Lobel

If you’re looking for frog-themed activities to go with all of these great books, be sure to take a look at yesterday’s post – Frog Activities for Preschool!

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