• Eclipse Social Story

    Understanding an Eclipse for Preschoolers

    I’m on vacation – but I had to pop in and share this incredible resource before next week’s big eclipse! This social story is a simple way to explain to the very youngest students what an eclipse is, and what it might be light to experience one. Toddlers and preschoolers are so observant, they notice absolutely everything. This means that they know adults in their lives are talking about something pretty major, but they don’t necessarily understand the words that they’re using, because vocabulary words like “eclipse” and “path of totality” aren’t something that they have a frame of reference for. A social story like this one can open up…

  • Classroom Eclipse Supplies

    Eclipse Supplies for Teachers

    March is going to fly by – with St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and spring break – so the eclipse on April 8th will be here before we know it! I’m already getting excited, and planning for the big day is definitely building that anticipation. Our area is in the path of totality, so all of our local schools are closed the day of the eclipse because we’re anticipating travel and communication challenges due to the large influx of eclipse tourists. That means that the week before the eclipse is the prime time for talking about it in the classroom. I’m also gearing up to keep my daughter busy with eclipse…

  • Solar Eclipse Activities

    Preschool Eclipse Activities

    I’m so happy to have these eclipse activities ready for you! Little ones can struggle with these kinds of special events because they just don’t have the frame of reference to understand why they’re a big deal to the adults in their lives AND what is actually happening. The eclipse activities that I’ve put together will help work through both of those challenges in a way that is developmentally appropriate, while also supporting the other work that they’ve been doing throughout the year. I firmly believe that none of us can truly understand any topic if we don’t have the vocabulary to discuss it with others. Vocabulary cards like these…

  • eclipse space clipart

    Eclipse Clipart!

    I mentioned that I’ve been working on an eclipse clipart set so I wanted to let you know that it’s available! My community is in the path of totality for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th, so we’ve be getting really excited for the event. I wanted to commemorate it with some special clipart – and of course use these for other materials too. Make sure to check back for updates on those products!

  • Preschool Thankssgiving

    Thanksgiving Pie Experiment

    I know that there are very strong opinions about using food for preschool activities, and I understand both sides of the argument.  Personally, I believe that food is something that brings us together.  It is a powerful way to open children’s minds to new experiences, and to introduce them to cultural experiences.  I am especially partial to taste-tests as science and social studies activities because it gives me the opportunity to expose children to something that they may not ever encounter at home. I’ve been known to taste test fruits and vegetables, in order to introduce new foods and encourage children to be open to trying new things.  This particular…

  • simple bug catcher

    Easy Camping DIY

    We enjoyed a nice long camping trip last weekend and I’m still working through all of the laundry! I had to share this little DIY before I forget – Simple bug catchers. These are such an easy way to keep kids busy and encourage exploration. Before we left I was looking for a quick project that my girl and I could put together for all of the kids that were camping with us. I wanted something that we already had all of the supplies for, would actually capture interest, and wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Catching lightning bugs is always a favorite camping activity, so this was a…

  • preschool st. patrick's day

    St. Patrick’s Day Math and Science

    St. Patrick’s day is such a fun holiday to celebrate in the classroom because there are some very different opportunities for exploration than we see with other holidays. Because of this, I’ve included some science activities – which means that this is a math and science center for Preschool St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s take a look at some of these materials. Shamrock Observations – This set is designed to help children focus on small details, which is perfect when it comes to shamrocks and finding that elusive 4-leaf clover. There are images of a variety of different shamrocks, and then zoomed in images of the same shamrocks so that children…

  • Friday Freebie – Cloud Hunt

    Happy Friday! I am all about being outside this week and today’s freebie is the perfect easy outdoor activity for a lazy summer afternoon.  This Cloud Hunt Bingo game from Green Grubs is the perfect way to encourage children to be creative while taking time to pay attention to the world around them.  Go download your copy and have a great weekend!

  • Bubble Play

    When the weather finally gets nice the last thing that I want to do is be stuck inside, so we spend a ton of time outside.  Bubbles are the number one activity that I turn to when the children start to get bored. Here are some fun ideas for bubble play that I’ve rounded up: Shape bubble wands Water bottle bubbles Huge bubbles Bubble refill station

  • Spice Painting

    Historically, spices were often used to create paints because many of them have very distinct colors.  Making your own spice paints is a great way to explore spices and their scents at the same time! All that you have to do is mix a good amount  of a single spice with a small amount of water until the paint is the consistency that you want.  You can also add a little cornstarch to make your paints go a little farther.  Here are some spices to try and the colors that they will make: Paprika = Orange Turmeric = Mustard Yellow Saffron = Bright Yellow Parsley = Green Cinnamon = Brown…