preschool summer activities
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New resources for summer!

preschool summer activities

I’ve been busy adding so many new summer resources to the Preschool Ponderings store! If you’re looking for preschool summer activities I’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s new:

Ice Cream Clipart – These are perfect for any of your summer creations! I use them for planner stickers, prize stickers, and summer activities. They’re classic shapes and colors that instantly set the mood for summer fun.

Bee Unit – Bees are fascinating and so important to our ecosystem, but they can also be very scary for young children. Taking time to understand them a little better and explore them in the safety of the classroom can help remove some of that fear. This unit can be found in the May Month of PreK set, or as individual activities. It includes some of my classic favorite activities – discussion books, themed numbers and 10 frames – and some brand new resources that I’m really excited to share!

  • Bees and Honey Movement – Get a little silly movement while continuing to explore the bee theme! Cut out each card and put them in a pile, then complete each movement as a group as the card is pulled from the pile. Includes actions like “swat the bee” and “buzz around the room.”
  • Bees and Honey Numbers – Use these numbers to practice one to one correspondence, counting practice, and numeral recognition. Students can match the ten frames to the corresponding numerals, or they can use counters or small erasers to count and cover the bee items on each number.
  • Bees and Honey Shape Tracing – Follow the bumblebee’s trail as you trace each shape! This is a fun way for little ones to work on pencil grip and shape recognition. Perfect for meeting math standards. Younger children can use the larger shape pages, which can be laminated or put in a sheet protector to use with a dry erase marker. Older children can use the lined pages to practice more letter formation.
  • Calming Down Social Story – Social stories are designed to give children a script that they can follow in very specific situations. This story about a bee who is easily overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of her hive can be likened to the activity of the classroom environment. The bee in the story is taught to breathe using “bee breaths” to calm herself down. Children can also use this technique when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

New Camping Activities – I’ve had a solid set of camping resources for years because this is truly my favorite summer unit. I’ve added two fun new activities to really round this out. These can be found in my upcoming June Month of PreK set, or purchased individually.

  • Camping Number Cards – Practice number recognition and counting in a variety of ways using this one set! Children can match the numbers and object or count the number of items on each card. Continuously incorporating opportunities to explore numbers and counting builds confidence and understanding. Use these to do just that as your group enjoys a camping theme.
  • Smore Science – Who doesn’t love a s’more?! Help familiarize young children with the scientific method by practicing making hypotheses about different steps of s’more-making, and then testing those hypotheses. Children with draw and write their predictions, and then their actual observations, as well as any final thoughts. This can be done while making smores (I’d suggest heating the marshmallows in the microwave), or while watching a video of someone making a s’more.

Ice Cream Alphabet Book – I LOVE alphabet books! These are such a fun way to explore a theme while learning new vocabulary that will really help children express what they’ve learned. The ice cream set has happy summer images that will make everyone smile – and maybe a little hungry too.

There will be even more new resources coming your way, so make sure to follow the Preschool Ponderings store on TPT so that you get those notifications when new things are added!

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