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Summer must-haves for the car

summer organization

Are you ready for some more summer organization?! On Monday I shared everything that I’m keeping in my summer tote bag. There are some things that I know I might need, but don’t necessarily want to carry around all the time. The car is the perfect place to keep these things. Some of them are the same as the things in my tote (sunscreen, bug bands, wipes) because you can never have enough of those. Others are more geared towards adventures that we just might go on a little more spontaneously. A random trip to the beach – I’ve got a towel, wet bag, ziploc bags for all our treasures, some sand toys, and an extra pair of flip flops. Pool day at a friend or family member’s house – no problem, we’ve got an extra bathing suit. Forgot your water bottle – I’ve got you covered. Spilled melted ice cream all over your outfit – wipes and a change of clothes will take care of that!

These are the things that may or may not get used, but will give me peace of mind to have, just in case. What are some of the things that you always have on hand during the summer months?

summer organization

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