• Christmas coloring pages

    Christmas Coloring Freebie

    I’m working on a little something new, and while that won’t be ready until after the new year, I did want to share a little sample with you! Here’s my latest freebie, just in time for Christmas. Please enjoy these holiday coloring pages, made using my very own clipart. Go download your set here (scroll all of the way down and click on the coloring page image)! If you’re interested in the coordinating clipart please explore my Christmas Bright clipart bundle, and my Peppermint Wonderland clipart bundle.

  • Preschool Camping

    Camping Activities for Preschool

    One of my favorite units to use in the summer is camping! It’s something that my family loves to do together, and I know that the children get so much more from my passion for this subject. Here are some of thecamping activities for preschool that are available in my TPT store:

  • preschool summer activities

    New resources for summer!

    I’ve been busy adding so many new summer resources to the Preschool Ponderings store! If you’re looking for preschool summer activities I’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s new: Ice Cream Clipart – These are perfect for any of your summer creations! I use them for planner stickers, prize stickers, and summer activities. They’re classic shapes and colors that instantly set the mood for summer fun. Bee Unit – Bees are fascinating and so important to our ecosystem, but they can also be very scary for young children. Taking time to understand them a little better and explore them in the safety of the classroom can help remove some of that…

  • everything for preschool graduation

    Preschool Graduation Round Up

    Preschool graduation is one of my favorite events of the year! I just love celebrating my students’ accomplishments and I definitely go “all-in.” Sometimes it sneaks up on me though, so I thought it might be helpful to pull together all of the posts I’ve written about this over the years, and links to all of my resources so that you have everything you might need for graduation right in one place. Here you go! Blog Posts: Friday Freebie – Graduation Song DIY Graduation Tassels Tips for a Smooth Graduation Ceremony Graduation Decorations Making Graduation Easy Friday Freebie – Graduation Countdown Graduation Keepsakes for your Students Snack Ideas for your…

  • tpt sring sale 2023

    Shop the Sale!

    March is always the hardest month for me – I want it to be spring, but it’s definitely not, we’re still dealing with lots of cloudy days, and we’ve been stuck inside with each other all winter – so it feels right to celebrate the end of this long month with a sale! TPT is hosting a sitewide sale on the 28th and 29th (tomorrow!) so you can join me in a little retail therapy. Here’s what I suggest taking a look at to help you prep for the next couple of months: Happy shopping, go find some amazing deals!

  • Preschool St. Patrick's day

    St. Patrick’s Day Writing Center

    I’m so ready to share my St. Patrick’s Day language materials with you! The focus of this center is storytelling, and the items that I have available for the holiday really support that. So let’s dive in! Leprechaun Dress Up – Who wouldn’t want to be a leprechaun?! Chasing rainbows and searching for gold sounds like an amazing adventure, and children can use these materials to act that out. I’ve got tutus, bow ties, feather boas, fun glasses, and headbands. I’ve also included top hats, blazers and vests, and messenger bags in the past. Shamrock Cupcake Letter Match – These cupcakes are just the cutest, and sometimes that’s all it…

  • valentine writing center

    Valentine’s Language Center

    Valentine’s Day has a special place in my heart (see what I did there). January can be a long, dreary month and having something fun to look forward to can really change the mood. If you’re like me – looking forward to a holiday that’s all about warmth and love – and you’re planning what this will look like in your classroom, then I have some materials that might be just what you need! Here’s my Valentine writing center: I want children to get excited about using these materials, and I do that by making them inviting – adding decorations, related textiles, and touches that create a homey and comforting…