Eclipse Social Story
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Understanding an Eclipse for Preschoolers

Eclipse social story

I’m on vacation – but I had to pop in and share this incredible resource before next week’s big eclipse! This social story is a simple way to explain to the very youngest students what an eclipse is, and what it might be light to experience one.

Toddlers and preschoolers are so observant, they notice absolutely everything. This means that they know adults in their lives are talking about something pretty major, but they don’t necessarily understand the words that they’re using, because vocabulary words like “eclipse” and “path of totality” aren’t something that they have a frame of reference for.

A social story like this one can open up the conversation so that children are able to use the correct words in order to get answers to their questions and build a better understanding before the eclipse happens. You can print your own copy here!

I’ll be back next Wednesday, and I’m already excited to tackle the rest of the school year and summer plans with you!

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