Classroom Eclipse Supplies
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Eclipse Supplies for Teachers

Classroom Eclipse Supplies

March is going to fly by – with St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and spring break – so the eclipse on April 8th will be here before we know it! I’m already getting excited, and planning for the big day is definitely building that anticipation. Our area is in the path of totality, so all of our local schools are closed the day of the eclipse because we’re anticipating travel and communication challenges due to the large influx of eclipse tourists. That means that the week before the eclipse is the prime time for talking about it in the classroom. I’m also gearing up to keep my daughter busy with eclipse activities while she’s home from school that day. Here are some of the things that I’ve got my eye on (these are all affiliate links, and I appreciate your support):

Stacy McAnulty’s books are some of our favorites, and the Sun and Moon versions will be perfect for this event. We love the way that they make very technical, abstract topics fun and developmentally appropriate.

I love a themed accessory, and this Pura Vida Moon ring is perfection! I can definitely see myself wearing this all of the time, not just for the eclipse – and it would spark some great conversation.

MoonPies are one of those special treats that hold a lot of nostalgia for me. The eclipse is an ideal opportunity for me to share this with my own daughter, and take advantage of a themed snack that I don’t have to make. We might even get a box of these and deliver some to friends… Now I need to make a cute treat bag!

Speaking of treat bags, these black sparkle tumblers might go really well with those MoonPies! I can always add a vinyl image cut with the Cricut and have an excellent keepsake.

I didn’t even know this next one was a thing, but I stumbled on it while scrolling Amazon and knew that I had to have it. It’s a Photo Filter Lens for your cell phone, specifically for photographing the sun. I’m all about inexpensive tools that can help me do fancy things, and this one definitely fits that bill. This would be something fun for kids to use during the eclipse so that they can capture great pictures you all can explore in the classroom later.

Eclipse glasses are a must, and I chose these Soluna glasses because they’re from a NASA approved manufacturer and hold multiple certifications for being safe for direct sun viewing. I vividly remember ecplise events from my own childhood and the terror that was put into us by adults about not looking directly at the sun – knowing that I can make this safe so the children around me can experience it fully is so important!

Another cute accessory – these huggie hoops come in a two pack with a set of gold stars, and a set of moons. What a fun way to dress up for the day without going full Ms. Frizzle.

I found these origami paper strips the other day and was instantly transported back to days of making TONS of these tiny paper stars. That’s a memory I had completely forgotten about. My daughter loves anything teeny tiny, so I know she’ll get a kick out of these, and we can string them to hang in her room. These are also an excellent fine motor exercise that requires a little patience and precision. The strips come in so many different colors, but I’m loving the foil of this set.

Ahhh! I can’t stand the cuteness of these Celestial Buddies. They have one for each planet, but the sun and moon are a must have for the eclipse. How fun to be able too hug these little guys while watching an eclipse. These are a perfect companion for the sun and moon books at the top of this list, there is also a Celestial Buddies Eclipse book to check out.

For activities to go along with all of these great materials, take a look at the eclipse resources I have available!

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