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  • Cozy fall vibes

    Bring on Fall!

    I don’t know what it was about this weekend, but now that it’s over I’m fully ready for fall. This happens every year, but this year I’m really longing for cozy days and crisp fall air. We won’t get there too soon – it’s supposed to be in the mid-90’s this week – but I can definitely daydream! When I think about the perfect fall days, this image is what it looks like. Here are all of the links to these excellent pieces so that you can create your own fall perfection (these are all affiliate links). Chunky Color Block Cardigan – I can’t do life without cardigans, and fall…

  • soaking up summer

    Making the most of your last summer days

    We’re down to our last couple of weeks of summer and I’m trying to be really intentional about soaking up summer. This time of year seems to fly by, so slowing down a bit to really lean into our last summer days feels like a gift. Here’s what we’ve been doing to make that happen: I’m also planning a special celebration for the last day of summer – as kind of a send off – so check back for those plans later this week!

  • teacher back to school

    Expectations for the first week of school

    TPT shared this image on their instagram this week and it really stuck with me – probably because it’s exactly the kind of reminder that I always need during the first week. There’s so much pressure to jump back into a full-on routine and do all the things, but that’s not healthy for us as adults, and it can create a lot of stress for our students. Setting realistic expectations for the first week of school makes such a difference! I’m a planner, you know that, so for me this looks like getting out my calendar and really assessing what each day will look like and what I can actually…

  • permission to take the break

    It’s always ok to take care of ourselves

    I’m putting this message out there today because I need to hear it – which probably means that some of you need to hear it too (it’s always better when we feel like we’re not alone). There’s so much pressure to keep working, move forward, and improve ALL THE TIME. We’re not built for that – no one can be “on” all of the time, and working (whatever your work may be) 24/7 isn’t healthy. It’s always ok to take a break, and one thing we can all do better is to give ourselves permission to take the break – without feeling guilty or lazy! I know that I’m the…

  • easy summer learning activities

    Learning activities for when you’re REALLY BUSY

    Summer can feel like a whirlwind – how do these months seem to go so much faster than the rest of the year?! That can make it really hard to be intentional about making time for learning, there’s just so many other things happening! There are still some really great ways to incorporate basic educational skills into even your busiest summer days. Here are some of my favorite easy summer learning activities. This post does contain affiliate links. Workbooks. I know there are tons of opinions on workbooks, but I’ll throw mine in here and say that I think there are ways that these can be used effectively and appropriately.…

  • joy list

    Leaning into what brings me joy

    I got a little vulnerable with you on Monday – this time of year is tough. The pressure to jump back into a routine after the holidays, when I’m not really ready for that, causes some friction. Add the dreary weather and joy can be a little hard for me to come by. I’m working through it by leaning into the things that I know bring me joy – a “Joy List” if you will! Whenever I’m feeling a little down – whether it’s because I’m burnt out at work, clouds and cold are impacting my mood, or I’m just in need of a pick me up – I like…

  • finding my purpose

    Finding the Joy

    This is the time of the year that’s the most difficult for me – the happiness of the holiday season is over and I feel like I’ve been thrown back into work without actually getting the rest and relaxation that I’d been so looking forward to. It’s burnout at it’s finest. Plus the weather is gray and dreary, which never helps. This is the month when I have to be truly intentional about finding my purpose in the work that I do so that I can enjoy it. The real question is, how do I do that??? There’s not an exact science to it – I’ve tried a variety of…

  • What I’m Working On

    I thought I’d pop in and share what I’ve been up to lately, these more personal posts are some of my favorites! Here’s what has been keeping me busy: Making felt food for my little one – so far I’ve finished 4 donuts Editing and formatting a leadership training for work Searching for cute and easy 4th of July play activities – last night I dyed pasta red, white and blue Preparing for a HOT weekend, it’s supposed to be 110 degrees here on Saturday, so I’ve stocked up on popsicles and water toys Designing a massive bulletin board Catching up on Southern Charm whenever possible Trying to stay off…

  • Teacher humor

    It’s a yucky rainy day where I am, so I thought I would brighten it by sharing some of my favorite funny teacher quotes.  Enjoy! Source Source Source Source

  • My Current Obsessions

    At the end of the year I love to share my favorite things from the previous year as ideas for potential teacher gifts, the only problem with that is that a year is a long time and I have a hard time remembering all of the things that I love.  I thought I’d share just a few of the things that I am currently obsessed with so that you could get hooked too! (All links are affiliates) It’s common knowledge that I have an deep love for Papermate Flair pens, but now I’m adding these Papermate InkJoy pens to my collection. Someone left one in my training last week and…