soaking up summer
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Making the most of your last summer days

soaking up summer

We’re down to our last couple of weeks of summer and I’m trying to be really intentional about soaking up summer. This time of year seems to fly by, so slowing down a bit to really lean into our last summer days feels like a gift. Here’s what we’ve been doing to make that happen:

  • Revisiting our favorite places and activities. There are a few places that we’ve visited, and things that we’ve done, that we definitely want to make sure we get to experience just one more time. We’re hitting up our local zoo, favorite parks, beaches, and ice cream stores to pack in all of the favorites before heading back to the normal school year routine
  • Squeezing in a few more adventures. We haven’t crossed everything off of our to do list yet, so we’re making time for those day trips and special opportunities that we haven’t gotten to yet. We’ll be doing some art projects, taking a ferry to the island, and exploring a national park.
  • Sleeping in and staying up late. These are hallmarks of summer and we’re taking full advantage while we still can because our next chance for a schedule like this won’t be until the holidays – and it just doesn’t feel the same when it’s cold outside!
  • Talking about what we’ve accomplished. It’s been so sweet to hear each other’s favorite memories from the summer. Knowing what really stick in my daughters’ mind helps me put things in perspective. It’s so heartwarming to know that the things I planned for us (and the things that were completely unplanned!) have had such an impact on her.
  • Thinking forward. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what went well this summer and how to use all of that in the future. Having this summer at home together was a new experience for all of us, and there were definitely some tough days, but it also feels like we’ve grown so much together!

I’m also planning a special celebration for the last day of summer – as kind of a send off – so check back for those plans later this week!

soaking up summer

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