Amazon back to school
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Back to school on Amazon

Amazon back to school

My all-time-favorite thing about prepping for back to school is shopping for supplies! While no one loves spending that money, having new materials to start fresh with is the absolute best. Here are my Amazon back to school must-haves if you’re looking to add to your own cart (all links are affiliates, I receive a portion of sales from these):

I cannot get enough of these zip pouches! I use them for everything from travel to organizing paperwork. In the classroom there are so many potential uses – giving each child one to use as a mailboxes, organizing extra clothes, separating seasonal sensory materials, sending home activities or paperwork that need to be completed and returned, organizing books by topic… I could go on. They are so much better than a folder because they zip and close on all four sides – nothing falls out. Plush they don’t rip and they can handle items that wouldn’t fit in a traditional folder.

I firmly believe that every teacher NEEDS their own set of Crayola markers that the kids don’t get to use – and this set is incredible. 40 different colors in one box – does it get any better?!

When it comes to permanent markers there’s nothing that compares to Sharpies. I buy these in bulk and hoard them like gold because I use them so often. I know that there are reasons to dislike them (bleeding through paper, costing so much…) but they’re usually the first thing that I reach for when it comes to labeling, drawing, making signs, and so many other common classroom tasks.

I’m such a notebook nerd. Seriously, I write down everything – but I like to have all of those notes somewhat organized. The tabs on this spiral notebook help me categorize things so that I can easily find them later.

Can I make a list without putting the Niimbot Label Maker on it?! I don’t think I can. This has got to be my single favorite Amazon purchase. I’ve used it for everything, and given it as gifts!

How cute are these back to school sticky notes? You get 30 notepads, so you can either stock up for the year or use them for teacher gifts (sticky notes are always appreciated!) – add them to a gift basket or put a ribbon around 3 for an adorable (and cheap) gift.

These are my favorite kind of drawers because you can use them with any shelves that you already have – stack them high, or place them next to each other. They’re also big enough to store just about anything, but not so huge that you need more dividers or organizers inside of them to keep things together.

If you pack your lunch (or your child’s lunch) then these are the absolute best containers! They have perk of keeping everything together, meaning no plastic bags or lids to match. They’re also really durable, clean easily, and fit everything. Check out my lunch-packing tips featuring these Systema containers in this post.

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