Fall Preschool plans
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Autumn Planning Ideas

 Fall Preschool plans

It’s my goal in life to make things as easy as possible for other teachers. One way that I can do that is to share all of my autumn posts right here, in one place! Happy planning, I hope these all help!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt Freebie

Autumn Science Experiments

Autumn Classroom Activities

Autumn Dramatic Play Ideas

Autumn Field Trip Ideas

Autumn Cooking Projects

Printable Autumn Decor

Autumn Classroom Decor

Autumn Manipulatives for Preschool

Autumn Scientific Observations

Natural Materials for the Preschool Classroom – Autumn

Autumn Scented Play Dough Version 1

Autumn Scented Play Dough Version 2

Pumpkin Science Freebie

Acorn Science

15 Things Preschoolers can Observe in the Fall

Easy Fall Science Center

Preschool Activities to do with Leaves

Making Applesauce with Preschoolers

Can you tell that autumn is my favorite season?! There are so many different things to explore and everything feels crisp and fresh. If you need even more inspiration, be sure to check out yesterday’s post with 35 themes that are perfect for autumn!

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