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    Autumn Bucket List for the Classroom

    Happy Friday! I have another freebie for you this week. I started creating seasonal bucket lists for my family when my daughter was very young. I was always looking for things that our family could enjoy and I would find myself saying “oh, we should have done that” after a seasonal opportunity passed. These bucket lists kept us busy and gave us plenty to look forward to. I realize that there are a ton of these available on pinterest, but it’s really hard to find options that work for the classroom. Most include a lot of outings, baking or cooking ideas, and movies. The one that I’ve put together is…

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    Autumn Planning Ideas

    It’s my goal in life to make things as easy as possible for other teachers. One way that I can do that is to share all of my autumn posts right here, in one place! Happy planning, I hope these all help! Autumn Scavenger Hunt Freebie Autumn Science Experiments Autumn Classroom Activities Autumn Dramatic Play Ideas Autumn Field Trip Ideas Autumn Cooking Projects Printable Autumn Decor Autumn Classroom Decor Autumn Manipulatives for Preschool Autumn Scientific Observations Natural Materials for the Preschool Classroom – Autumn Autumn Scented Play Dough Version 1 Autumn Scented Play Dough Version 2 Pumpkin Science Freebie Acorn Science 15 Things Preschoolers can Observe in the Fall Easy…

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    September Plans are Here!

    Every time I get to post another month of preschool plans from my Month of PreK sets I do a little happy dance because I KNOW how helpful these would have been to me, as a classroom teacher. Being able to offer all of these resources, planned and organized, is a game-changer for the most over-worked and under-appreciated teachers out there! All of the preschool lesson plans and activities for September are available now, here’s a preview of what’s included:

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    Camping Activities for Preschool

    One of my favorite units to use in the summer is camping! It’s something that my family loves to do together, and I know that the children get so much more from my passion for this subject. Here are some of thecamping activities for preschool that are available in my TPT store:

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    Plan with me!

    I usually like to sit down on Friday afternoon or sometime on Sunday and look over my calendar for the upcoming week – this week it didn’t happen until Monday morning, but it’s summer right?! Summer weeks look a lot different in my planner than a typical week during the school year. There are a lot more moving pieces and ever-changing plans in the summer, so having it all written down is so important. Take a look at what goes into planning a summer week: Some of these plans were put in my calendar before my girl broke her arm, so we’ve had to do a bit of shuffling in…

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    Summer Update!

    We’ve officially been following my summer plans for a month (you can read more about those here), so it felt like time for an update. This is the first summer that I’m home with my daughter everyday, and having structure and materials in place was really important to me. So far it’s been super helpful! We keep things really flexible, and won’t always get to everything on our list – but I think that’s the difference between summer and the school year. There has been one major snag, my girl broke her arm last week, so we’ve been modifying a lot. Of course it’s her right arm, so we’re currently…

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    Patriotic Resource Round Up

    Summer might’ve just started, but I’m thinking 4th of July lesson plans already! I’ve added a ton of patriotic materials to my TPT store over the last couple of weeks so it felt like a good time to share all of these so that you can start planning for the holiday. Patriotic 4th of July Alphabet Book for Preschool and Kindergarten – This book is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July while encouraging literacy. Each letter corresponds with an American themed vocabulary word which will help children practice letter sounds. Print one for each child, or a few for a center. You could also have children create…

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    Organizing Supplies for Learning

    You know that I’ve been prepping for summer, and part of that has included taking stock of our supply situation and making sure these are organized and as useful and accessible as possible. It’s really important to me that we’re continuing to learn – but I also want to spend as much time outside as possible. Having a way to use these materials outside is kind of a requirement, and I was struggling to come up with the best possible solution. Enter Ikea. Wandering through Ikea, my eyes landed on this organizer tray and I immediately thought “what can I do with that?” I stared at it for a bit,…

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    Summer Plans!

    This summer is going to look very different for our family – it’ll be the first summer that my girl and I will be home together all summer long. The idea of giving her a fun summer while I’m still working stresses me out a bit, so I took some time to do the one thing that always puts my mind at ease, some serious planning! If someone asked me to choose ONE word to describe myself it would definitely be the word “planner.” I truly love to organize my thoughts, lay them out on paper and fill in any missing pieces. It helps me feel in control and gives…