planning a summer week
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Plan with me!

planning a summer week

I usually like to sit down on Friday afternoon or sometime on Sunday and look over my calendar for the upcoming week – this week it didn’t happen until Monday morning, but it’s summer right?! Summer weeks look a lot different in my planner than a typical week during the school year. There are a lot more moving pieces and ever-changing plans in the summer, so having it all written down is so important. Take a look at what goes into planning a summer week:

planning a summer week

Some of these plans were put in my calendar before my girl broke her arm, so we’ve had to do a bit of shuffling in order to manage some of the restrictions that she’s dealing with at the moment.

Monday – today is all about making sure that we have what we need for the rest of the week. We’re running some errands (probably stopping for ice cream), and working on some ice cream art projects from this Mondo Llama kit.

Tuesday – the first day of one of my daughter’s summer camps! She’s super into crafting (although she prefers to do her own things and not what I prep for her), so I signed her up for a make and take camp. I’m hoping to get some blogging done while she’s at camp.

Wednesday – We were originally supposed to go to a little local island to do some exploring, and we were going to take our bikes over on the ferry with us. Since bikes are out at the moment (the doctor said nothing with wheels), we’re pushing this trip back a bit, and we’re planning on visiting the art museum instead. I’m also going to make some headway on the July Month of PreK set so that I can get that up for all of you soon!

Thursday – A pretty chill day (we need those every now and then). We’ll take it easy in the morning and probably do some chores at home before heading to the library and checking out the farmer’s market.

Friday – Fridays are picnic days, so we’ll pack some goodies and head to a park. We also need to get some things ready for an event on Sunday, so we might get with some friends to work on that.

For more about what our summer planning looks like, and an update of how this has been going so far, check out these posts:

What are you up to this week?

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