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Summer Update!

summer plans

We’ve officially been following my summer plans for a month (you can read more about those here), so it felt like time for an update. This is the first summer that I’m home with my daughter everyday, and having structure and materials in place was really important to me. So far it’s been super helpful! We keep things really flexible, and won’t always get to everything on our list – but I think that’s the difference between summer and the school year.

There has been one major snag, my girl broke her arm last week, so we’ve been modifying a lot. Of course it’s her right arm, so we’re currently doing a lot less writing and drawing, and finding ways to move that don’t involve potential for falling or bumping that arm.

Here’s a little of what we’ve enjoyed so far:

summer plans

Exploring new parks, lots of crafts, museums, camping trips, and long walks! We’re looking forward to so many more adventures. I’ll be sure to keep sharing!

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