permission to take the break
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It’s always ok to take care of ourselves

permission to take the break

I’m putting this message out there today because I need to hear it – which probably means that some of you need to hear it too (it’s always better when we feel like we’re not alone). There’s so much pressure to keep working, move forward, and improve ALL THE TIME. We’re not built for that – no one can be “on” all of the time, and working (whatever your work may be) 24/7 isn’t healthy. It’s always ok to take a break, and one thing we can all do better is to give ourselves permission to take the break – without feeling guilty or lazy!

I know that I’m the first to say “I should be doing….” but I also know that none of the things on that list will be done well if I don’t also take time for myself to breathe a bit. So that’s what I’m committed to doing for the next couple of hours, I’m going to take a break. Today, my break looks like a couple of hours of sitting on my back porch. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, or even planned in advance, but it should be something that calms your body and mind. If you need a sign to join me today, then here it is!

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