preschool frog activities
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Frog Activities for Preschool

preschool frog activities

This is our first official week of summer! This year we’re exploring a different topic every week, inspired by our love of animals and science, and guided by our favorite National Geographic Kids books – You can read more about our summer plans in this post. Keeping with these weekly themes, I thought it would be fun to share some of the activities and learning experiences that we’re using to understand each topic better. Here are our plans for frog week:

Exploring a local pond – whether you take your group to a pond or bring elements of the pond to the classroom, this is a hands-on opportunity to really interact with a frog’s natural habitat. We’re taking a camera and sketchbooks, along with extra clothes and shoes, when we go on this little adventure.

Frog jump and measure activity – a combo math and physical activity that fits right in with our theme! This idea is from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Frog folding surprise – this art activity requires children to practice some planning and spatial awareness to create a fun surprise. It’s sure to be a winner, and an excellent idea from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Frog egg sensory bin – This is really unique and different sensory bin that is absolutely perfect for a frog study. It pairs perfectly with any frog life cycle lesson, and the tutorial from PreK Printable Fun couldn’t be easier to follow.

Five Green and Speckled Frogs song – This song has always been a staple in my classroom, and these printable stick puppets from Picklebums are a perfect visual addition.

Paper tree frog craft – Turn children’s unique paintings into beautiful tree frogs using this plan from Barley & Birch. Each frog is sure to turn out completely different!

I can’t wait to hop in (I know, that was bad…) and explore frogs this week. Pop back later this week to see some of the books that we’re using to support our learning!

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