Christmas gifts for infants 2022
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Infant Gift Guide 2022

Gift guides are my favorite posts of the year! Working with little ones means that we’re tuned into what they like, want, and need – and that makes us an excellent resource for anyone who is shopping for those little ones this year. Here are some of my favorite choices for infants, they’re so hard to buy for but choosing the best Christmas gifts for the infants in your life can feel like a real win! Just a reminder, these are affiliate links and I do receive a percentage of the sales, BUT I also truly love and support these products.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup

If you’re looking for a gift that will help parents out a little, these are a great bet. Munchkin has considered everything, from oral motor development to parent convenience, with these and there’s more than one reason that these are favorites. If you really want to score big points, add these lids so that they can easily be thrown in a diaper bag without leaking!

Have you seen these books?! They’re genius – books that babies and toddlers can chew on, pull at, walk on, you name it, and they truly are indestructible. This is a teacher’s dream and ensures that they can be loved for many years to come, even if baby tries to snack on them.

Baby Music Set

Skip Hop toys earn the award for being attractive to kids and aesthetically pleasing to adults too! Their Farmstand line is adorable, and these shakers are the perfect size for little hands. They’re also designed to be chewed on, which is a plus because it’ll certainly happen anyway!

Light-up Whale

Bath toys are always a safe choice – who wouldn’t want to make bath time easier?! This whale checks all the boxes, it lights up, and acts as a little sprinkler. A toy that keeps baby busy so that parents can get bath time over quickly is definitely a winner.

OXO Travel Bottle Drying Rack

If you know families who are traveling with bottle this holiday season then this gift idea will be a life saver! The bottle brush comes apart to fit inside the closed case, and the case also acts as a drying rack, catching all of the water so that there’s no mess. Being able to use a familiar, helpful tool, even when they’re away from home will make traveling with baby just a little bit easier.

Sensory Crinkle Squares

These little fabric squares are soft and minky on the outside, and the inside has a crinkly material that makes that noise that babies just love. We know that the simplest toys often get the most attention from little ones, and that’s definitely the case with these. There’s something about being able to make the crinkle noise, while rubbing that soft fabric, that really meets all of their sensory needs. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of space, so it’s easy for parents to bring these along.

Stephen Joseph Dolls

The long, skinny limbs on these dolls make them so easy for even the youngest infants to grab! They’re cute enough that parents won’t mind taking them everywhere, and small enough to throw in a purse, or diaper bag. The best part is that there are 6 different animals to choose from, so whether you’re shopping for a boy or a girl, or parents prefer something more gender neutral, there’s an option for everyone!

Blue Gingko Stacking Cups

I’m not usually a huge fan of stacking cups BUT these win in my book because they’re silicone. Babies can squish them, throw them, and easily grip them. They’ll work some excellent motor skills without getting frustrated, and the silicone will eliminate a lot of the banging that usually comes with stacking cups.

Hollow Teethers

A multi-pack of anything for baby is wonderful – it’s impossible to keep track of that ONE favorite item! These teethers are hollow, which means that they really give some feedback to baby when they’re chewing on them. The shape makes them easy to hold, and they have the option of the textured or smooth sections. When it comes with a cleaning tool it gets my vote!

The holidays often mean being out and about – and off of a regular schedule. This can be terrifying for new parents, so gifting this little noise machine that they can take with them will give them one more tool to try when life requires putting baby to sleep away from home. Having access to those different strategies can be so comforting, because even seasoned parents don’t always know what baby will respond to!

A basket of a variety of these items would be an excellent gift. I’d love to know what you’re getting for the babies on your list this year!

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