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Autumn observations to use in the classroom

Autumn is the perfect time of year to help children practice making observations.  There are so many things happening right outside our windows, encourage the children to sit and watch, or go for a walk and do some exploring.  Here are some things the the children might notice:

  • Leaves changing
  • Leaves falling off trees
  • Summer flowers starting to disappear
  • The air getting cooler
  • Squirrels and birds preparing for winter 
  • Different kinds of plants growing (pumpkins, squashes, mums)
  • Fall or Halloween decorations appearing
  • Having to wear jackets outside
Each of these observations can lead to wonderful conversations about the seasons, and how we prepare for seasons to change.  These kinds of observations also encourage children to pay attention to their surroundings and notice the things that are happening in their world. 

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