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15 Things preschoolers can observe in the fall

Autumn gives us plenty of examples to explore changes in our world. Here are 15 different things that you can use to practice observation skills with preschoolers:

  1. Leaves changing colors
  2. Leaves falling off trees
  3. Leaves on other plants (Are they falling off too? Is it just trees that lose their leaves?)
  4. Trees that are not changing colors (Why do some trees change colors while others do not?)
  5. Bugs (What are they doing? Is this different from what they do at other times of the year?)
  6. Squirrels
  7. Other animals (What animals do you see? What are they doing?)
  8. The temperature
  9. Weather patterns
  10. The clothing you are all wearing (Is it different than what you wear during the summer?)
  11. Decorations on local homes and buildings
  12. Daily routines – are they different now than they were in the summer?
  13. Tracking the sunshine and your shadows
  14. Apples (Why are they different colors?)
  15. Squash (Characteristics of different types and what they look like inside)
These types of investigations are valuable because they give children the opportunity to explore what is happening in the world around them. Here are a few more ideas for autumn observations:

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