summer camp supplies
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Summer Camp Supplies

summer camp supplies

A couple of my favorite kids are going to summer camp for the first time in a few weeks and let me tell you, I am so jealous! I loved camp as a kid, and I’ve been eyeing all of the amazing supplies that I would definitely take with me this time around. I’ve put together some cute little care packages to send along with them, and I thought I would share some of the best finds that I stumbled across while putting these together. All links are affiliates.

Tie Dye Laundry Bags – The laundry bag is the one item that gets the most abuse. As a kid I didn’t give it a second though, but as a parent I fear opening that thing up. This set of two is really fun, and maybe, just maybe the cute pattern would help the after-camp laundry situation…

Would You Rather Campfire Edition – This book is perfect for rest breaks or right before lights out. Asking these silly questions would be a great way for campers to get to know each other better. I can just see a cabin of little girls dissolving into giggles and forming amazing friendships based on their choices and rationales. This book would also be a well-appreciated offering for your child’s counselor, it would surely get a lot of use during those down times when they have to think of something to keep the kids entertained.

Hair Ties – There are literally never enough hair ties. Sending a pack like this with your long-haired child is just a smart idea. They can be shared, lost, and snapped, and there will still be plenty more.

Summer Mad Libs – Another fun way for kids to pass some down time, you can’t go wrong with Mad Libs. Quiet moments are the ones that breed homesick, so setting kids up with resources to keep them occupied will go a long way. These are exactly the kind of activities that can help bring quieter kids together to build those friendships that make all the difference.

Crocs Kids Slides – Waterproof sandals are a must for camp, and these will absolutely hold up. They can be used for showers or swimming, and get completely soaked without any problem. They dry easily and you could even personalize them with Jibbitz to add a little fun.

Flashlight set – Every camp supply list includes a flashlight and this set is an excellent idea for so many reasons. The small size makes them easy to tuck into any pocket or clip onto a lanyard. They can be lost, shared, or even malfunction and children will always have another one to grab.

Shower Caddy – Another must have! Choosing the right shower caddy is important, and there are so many factors to consider. You want something waterproof, that holds it’s structure, can fit all of the bathroom necessities, and that stays organized and drains well. This one meets all of those needs and comes in a number of different colors and sizes – PLUS you can throw it in the washing machine when your camper gets home to really clean it out.

Buggy Bands – The jury is still out on whether these actually work or not, I truly can’t tell, BUT my daughter will willingly wear one all day long, which is more than I can say for bug spray. Would I still send traditional bug spray, absolutely, are these more likely to be used consistently, yes.

Best Summer Ever Camp Journal – Another great option for those quiet moments. This journal is guided, and offers a variety of different prompts, so kids don’t have to come up with their own ideas to write about. It would be a great keepsake of their camp experience after it’s been filled in.

Kodak Instant Print Camera – There are a ton of different camera options out there, but this one is my pick because it does come in fun colors, while still supporting high quality images that we’ve come to expect from kodak. The photo paper is sticky-backed, so kids can immediately hang them in their bunks or add them to their journals. Swapping photos would be a really fun way to make friends and memories.

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