• summer camp supplies

    Summer Camp Supplies

    A couple of my favorite kids are going to summer camp for the first time in a few weeks and let me tell you, I am so jealous! I loved camp as a kid, and I’ve been eyeing all of the amazing supplies that I would definitely take with me this time around. I’ve put together some cute little care packages to send along with them, and I thought I would share some of the best finds that I stumbled across while putting these together. All links are affiliates. Tie Dye Laundry Bags – The laundry bag is the one item that gets the most abuse. As a kid I…

  • camping snacks

    Camping Recipes for the Classroom

    It can be intimidating to think about camping-themed snacks for the classroom, because so many of those traditional favorites require a campfire. Some programs might embrace that, but my experience has always been that this wouldn’t even be a possibility due to licensing regulations (nor would I want to be the one supervising so many children in a potentially unsafe situation). So here are a ton of really great camping snack ideas that offer many of the same flavors, without the fire aspect!

  • Preschool Camping

    Camping Activities for Preschool

    One of my favorite units to use in the summer is camping! It’s something that my family loves to do together, and I know that the children get so much more from my passion for this subject. Here are some of thecamping activities for preschool that are available in my TPT store:

  • simple bug catcher

    Easy Camping DIY

    We enjoyed a nice long camping trip last weekend and I’m still working through all of the laundry! I had to share this little DIY before I forget – Simple bug catchers. These are such an easy way to keep kids busy and encourage exploration. Before we left I was looking for a quick project that my girl and I could put together for all of the kids that were camping with us. I wanted something that we already had all of the supplies for, would actually capture interest, and wouldn’t take up a lot of space. Catching lightning bugs is always a favorite camping activity, so this was a…

  • preschool lessons and activities

    June Exclusive Activities!

    I just added the month of June to my Month of Preschool sets! I’m so excited to share this one with you because it has some brand new exclusive activities that can’t be found in my store on their own – they’re exclusive to this set. Organizing all of these resources is such a labor of love because I know that they would’ve made my life so much easier when I was in the classroom everyday. It’s invaluable to be able to focus all of your attention on the kids and what they need, and not on planning or prepping new preschool lessons and activities. Every Month of Preschool set…

  • Friday Freebie – Camping Discussion

    Happy Friday! I’ve been sharing camping ideas all week and I’m enjoying my first camping trip of the summer as we speak (we’re in Amish country right now, so I may also be enjoying baked goods…).  I’ve been sharing camping ideas all week, so it only seemed right that I share a camping freebie too. I created something brand new for you today, This set is designed to get your students talking! Ask the children to pretend they were taking a camping trip – what would they take with them? What would they want to eat? What would they want to do? What would they make sure to watch out for?…

  • Cooking with a solar oven

    My favorite thing to do when I’m camping is to eat! There is something about camping food that is sacred – I rarely make these treats at home, and when I do they just don’t taste the same.  I love to share recipes in the classroom, but camping food is tough because the best way to cook most of these treats is over a fire, not exactly something that would be a great idea at school… but, then I came across this; This tutorial on how to build a solar oven is from Playdough to Plato and it is really easy, and her tutorial shows how kids can help put the…

  • Camping Printables for Preschool

    I’ve got a ton of camping themed activities to share with you today! These are perfect for summer and a great way to do some reviewing, without really feeling like work.   I love putting together these alphabet books, it is a huge personal victory when I am able to come up with a word for every single letter of the alphabet, the camping alphabet book is one of my favorites.  It includes words like E is for Evergreen, I is for Insects, and M is for Marshmallow.  You can get your copy here.   Letter matching is a great way to help children practice recognizing letters that are both…

  • Camping fun in the dramatic play center

    This month is all about camping for me, I’m going on three different camping trips and we’re gearing up for our first one this weekend, so I thought I’d share the fun here at Preschool Ponderings.  I love to do camping activities with preschoolers because some of them are familiar with camping – they’ve gone with their families, or they’ve at roasted marshmallows in their backyard – while others have no experience with the concept and are over the moon excited about camping in the classroom. I like to introduce fun new topics like this by including related materials in the dramatic play space.  This gives the children the opportunity…