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Cooking with a solar oven

My favorite thing to do when I’m camping is to eat! There is something about camping food that is sacred – I rarely make these treats at home, and when I do they just don’t taste the same.  I love to share recipes in the classroom, but camping food is tough because the best way to cook most of these treats is over a fire, not exactly something that would be a great idea at school… but, then I came across this;

This tutorial on how to build a solar oven is from Playdough to Plato and it is really easy, and her tutorial shows how kids can help put the oven together.  This is not only an awesome way to finally be able to cook camping food at school, but also to explore how we can use energy from the sun.

I’ve also taken the liberty of gathering some recipes that you can use with your solar oven too, try a different recipe each day, or one each week throughout the summer!

I am definitely going to be trying a few of these myself, they all look incredible!

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