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  • Airplane Books

    Airplane Books for Preschool

    Airplane week is in full swing, but let me tell you, choosing books for this week was a bit of a challenge. Books about airplanes can easily get way too technical for young children, and sometimes they are a little too history-heavy for little ones who don’t have an understanding of the concept of past and present. Here are the books that we chose (all links are affiliates). Planes – National Geographic Kids I Want to be a Pilot – Peter J Eyewitness Flight – DK Books We Are Going on an Airplane – Mavis Camellia Ask a Pilot – Justin Kelley

  • Preschool Birthday Books

    Birthday Books for Preschool

    On Wednesday I shared all of the birthday activities that we’re enjoying this week. Here are the books that we’re using to support our birthday theme (all links are affiliates). The Berenstain Bears Too Many Birthdays – Stan Berenstain Happy Birthday to You – Dr. Seuss The Birthday Book – Todd Parr Happy Birthday Cupcake – Terry Border Weird but True: Birthdays – National Geographic Kids

  • Books about frogs

    Frog Books for Preschool

    Did you know that toads are actually a type of frog? We’re learning so much during frog week! The highlight so far has been folding origami jumping frogs – we used this video from Art for Kids Hub to guide us. We’ve also been reading a lot. Here are the books that have been in wide rotation (all are affiliate links. Frogs – National Geographic Kids How Does a Tadpole Grow – Eric Carle Fanatical About Frogs (About Animals) – Owen Davey The Toad (Disgusting Critters) – Elise Gravel Tell Me The Difference Between a Frog and a Toad – Leigh Rockwood Frog and Toad are Friends – Arnold Lobel…

  • End of the year book gifts

    Books to give at the end of the school year

    Our students become our little family every year, and I always love leaving them with a memento to remember the community that we created, and to let them know that I’m still in their corner and cheering them on. Books are a wonderful gift to send them off with at the end of the year. There are always the classics, but how many copies of Oh The Places You’ll Go does one child really need? Here are 6 fund new options if you’re looking for some inspiration (all are affiliate links).

  • preschool books 2023

    What I’m Loving at the Scholastic Book Fair

    I spent yesterday morning helping with the Scholastic Book Fair at my daughter’s school. I don’t know what it is about a book fair, but Scholastic has really cornered the market on getting kids excited about buying books. I have fond memories of LOVING the book fair as a kid, and the students that I helped this week had that same enthusiasm. If I’m being honest, I was still a little giddy about getting my hands on some new books. I found some amazing new offerings that would be wonderful additions to any classroom library. I’m linking my favorites below – and I’m not being compensated in any way for…

  • valentine writing center

    Valentine’s Language Center

    Valentine’s Day has a special place in my heart (see what I did there). January can be a long, dreary month and having something fun to look forward to can really change the mood. If you’re like me – looking forward to a holiday that’s all about warmth and love – and you’re planning what this will look like in your classroom, then I have some materials that might be just what you need! Here’s my Valentine writing center: I want children to get excited about using these materials, and I do that by making them inviting – adding decorations, related textiles, and touches that create a homey and comforting…

  • Books for Thanksgiving

    I am one of those people who refuses to put up Christmas decorations or listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over, so this week I want to share some last minute Thanksgiving ideas – Starting next we’ll dive into the winter holidays, I promise! Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving books – all links are affiliates – happy reading! Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks Turkey Trouble Thankful Thanksgiving Rules The Thankful Book I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

  • Books about monsters

    Monsters are an interesting subject to explore with preschoolers because the children are fascinated by them, and they have so many different thoughts and opinions about the subject. They may be aware that monsters are not real, yet they are still terrified of them.  Some children may enjoy being scared, while others would rather not even think about it.  Monsters belong to the realm of make believe that preschoolers are still attempting to understand.  Here are some of my favorite monster books for the classroom – these can be fun for the Halloween season as an alternative to ghosts and vampires. All links are affiliates. Go Away, Big Green Monster!…

  • Books about the Beach

    I feel like summer themed books don’t always get the attention that they deserve because there are so many things to do in the summer besides read.  There are a ton of beach books that will add new elements to your discussions about the beach.  Here are a few of my favorites (all links are Amazon affiliates): At the Beach Good Night Beach Beach House A Day at the Beach Check these out and be sure to take some time examining the pictures, which might help you add to your list of dramatic play props to add to your own beach play!

  • Children’s Books for the 4th of July

    I think that 4th of July books often get overlooked because it isn’t a holiday that takes place during the traditional school year.  This is unfortunate because there are some real gems out there.  When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, here are my favorite books to share with young children (all links are affiliates): The Night Before the Fourth of July The Story of America’s Birthday F is for Flag Independence Day Do you have any favorite patriotic books? Feel free to share them in the comments!