Classroom Holiday Decor
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Thoughts on Decorating the Classroom for the Holidays

Classroom Holiday Decor

You know that I’m big on celebrating holidays – personally, and in the classroom – so it should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of decorating the classroom to support this. At the same time, I know this can be a little tricky. We want to acknowledge the things that are happening in children’s lives, while also being culturally appropriate and making sure to respect all families’ traditions. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not an expert in this area, but I definitely try to do my best!

Children are coming into contact with holiday decor and displays in the real world, so it’s important to give them opportunities to interact with these same kinds of materials in the classroom. This allows children to explore decorations in a safe, supportive environment so that they develop an understanding of what they’re for and how to use them. Children are less likely to grab for a garland or pull at an ornament when they already know what they feel like and why they might have to be gentle with them.

This is true for Christmas decorations, but also for decor or traditional materials for any holiday. When it comes to decorating the classroom, my number one tip is to know your families. That goes right along with tip number two – be flexible and willing to change your approach annual depending on this knowledge.

Some families will embrace Christmas decorations, while others might be more open to sharing their own traditions, or a focus on winter instead of collection of holiday related materials. There’s room for all of these wishes and families will appreciate open communication about this topic before the classroom is decorated so that they can share their thoughts and help prepare their children.

If you’re unsure about how families will respond, and you’re not getting feedback from them that helps you make these decisions, there are still ways to incorporate holiday decor and keep everyone happy. Here are my go-to themes that don’t evoke specific holidays but lend themselves to decorating:

  • Winter and Snow – use a white, silver, and pale blue color scheme and focus on snowflakes, snowballs, and icicles
  • Nature – natural materials can be incredible decorations, and this gives the class the opportunity to explore what is available to animals even in the coldest weather. Use pinecones, cranberries, and dried oranges.
  • Hot Chocolate – who doesn’t love hot chocolate?! This time of year it’s something that everyone can enjoy. Use mugs in every color of the rainbow and create marshmallow and sprinkle garlands.

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