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Valentine Party Themes

Valentine party themes

You know I love a good theme party, it can really help focus the event and narrow all of the ideas to pull things together. If you’re looking for a little more direction for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, then here are some ideas to work with!

Valentine party themes
  1. Bring a stuffed animal – Sharing the day with a cuddly friend is always a hit with preschoolers. Plan activities that they can do with their “partner” and start the day with a show and tell so they can introduce who they brought with them.
  2. Holiday brunch – the struggle to incorporate less sugar is real, and focusing on brunch foods is an excellent way to make a holiday party a little healthier. Heart-shaped waffles or pancakes are sure to be a hit, add some fruit and strawberry yogurt parfaits for an easy and kid-friendly meal.
  3. Pink and red pajama party – Who doesn’t love a pajama day?! Play matching games with cozy socks, do relay races with robes and slippers, and get extra cozy for storytime.
  4. Valentine movie day – set out a collection of pink and red toppings for everyone to put on their bowl of popcorn. Then pick out a movie that everyone will enjoy (think Lady and the Tramp, Shrek, or Princess and the Frog).
  5. Box of chocolates – Create chocolate shop for dramatic play and then make sure to taste test some different types of chocolate too!
  6. Cookie decorating party – Cookies aren’t just for Christmas. Get creative with what you might use to decorate your cookies, you could even make heart-shaped fruit pizzas.
  7. Flowers and bouquets – Use real or fake flowers to create bouquets for loved ones, and then enjoy some flower-themed crafts and dramatic play.
  8. Valentine craft day – Get out all of the art supplies and see what the children can come up with. You can introduce some rules to help channel their creativity, like every creation has to include at least one heart, or they have to use pink and red.
  9. Hot chocolate party – Nothing warms a cold day quite like hot chocolate, which makes it perfect for a February holiday. Add some heart-shaped marshmallows, pink and red sprinkles, or fancy whipped cream.
  10. Gems and jewels – Spend the day exploring all things sparkly and shiny – jewels, gems, mirrors, and prisms. investigate how these react in different types of light or create with donated costume jewelry.
  11. Valentine reading day – create a cozy environment and spend the day reading every Valentine-themed book that you can get your hands on.
  12. Candy hearts – lean into these pastel colors and use the candies for graphing, patterning, and storytelling. Make sure to taste test each color so everyone can record their favorite.
  13. Natural hearts – spend some time outside looking for heart shapes in nature. Then bring found objects inside to make rubbings in red and pink or heart-shaped collages.
  14. Painting party – set up a special painting experience with easels, canvases and snacks so that children can paint together while they enjoy the party.
  15. Queen of Hearts – learn some simple card games, or use playing cards for sorting and counting while celebrating all things hearts.

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