• Christmas party ideas

    Classroom Party Themes for the Holidays

    Party themes seem to follow trends, but sometimes I like to do something a little different than everyone else is doing. If this is true for you too, then here are some fun holiday party ideas for the classroom that are a bit different! Get creative with your Christmas party themes this year! It’s fun to think up new ideas – what are some of the favorites that you’ve done over the years?

  • Printable Classroom Decorations

    I hope that Wednesday’s post on decorating the classroom for the holidays gave you some things to think over! I wanted to pop in and share a couple of printable decor sets that I have available to make life a little easier in case you’re ready to decorate and aren’t quite sure where to start. These are designed to be used for class parties, so they include items for stickers, cupcake picks, treat bag toppers, and a collaborative activity. The buntings and door decoration can be put up for a party day or for the whole season.

  • last day of summer ice cream party

    Last Day of Summer Party!

    I’m happy with any excuse for a party! This one is a little bittersweet – so ice cream felt like the perfect theme. A “last day of summer” party is a great way to help children mark the end of one season and move into the school year with a positive attitude. This can also be a really powerful tool for the classroom. If you have students that have been with you all summer and they’ll continue to stay with you throughout the school year, this can help make that mindset change from summer to the school year. It’s also a great way to say goodbye to children who were…